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160% increase in conversions

Wallington Plumbing Supply
Wallington Plumbing Supply

Website Redesign
Enhanced User Experience
Advanced E-commerce Features
Streamlined Inventory Management
SEO Strategy Implementation
Competitive Strategy Development
Integration of Analytics Tools




The purpose of this project is to create an open source e-commerce site that works as a shopping cart to purchase WPS products. The site is focused to ease access to website admin dashboard, data manipulation, and integration with ERP - Eclipse.

This project involves re-platforming that will provide a fresh redesign of their website with improved layout and navigation, specifically catering to their established demographic of customers. Magento Community Edition is the selected ecommerce platform that will be customized to meet the given functional requirements.


1.Outdated Website: Their website was outdated, lacking modern design and functionality, making it difficult for users to navigate and find information.

2.Poor User Experience: Customers struggled to find products, leading to frustration and potential loss of sales. The site was not mobile-responsive.

3.Limited E-commerce Capability: The existing website had limited e-commerce features, hindering their ability to sell products online effectively.

4.Inefficient Inventory Management: Managing a vast inventory was cumbersome, and they needed a system to streamline this process.

5.Low Online Visibility: Their website had poor search engine ranking, reducing their online presence and potential customer base.

6.Competitive Market: The plumbing supply industry is highly competitive, and Wallington Plumbing Supply needed a way to stand out and attract more customers.

7.Lack of Analytics: Without proper data analytics, they couldn't measure the website's performance and make informed decisions for improvement.


1. Website Redesign: A modern, user-friendly website was created, featuring intuitive navigation and responsive design for seamless access on mobile devices.

2. Enhanced User Experience: Improved product search functionality, clear categorization, and a user-friendly interface alleviated customer frustrations and boosted sales.

3. Advanced E-commerce Features: Robust e-commerce capabilities were integrated, enabling efficient online product sales, secure transactions, and order management.

4. Streamlined Inventory: An inventory management system was introduced, streamlining stock control, reducing errors, and ensuring product availability.

5. SEO Strategy: A comprehensive SEO strategy was deployed to boost online visibility, improving search engine rankings and expanding their customer base.

6. Competitive Edge: Unique selling points and marketing strategies were devised to differentiate Wallington Plumbing Supply in the competitive market, attracting more customers.

7. Analytics Integration: Data analytics tools were integrated to monitor website performance, track user behavior, and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.


After implementing solutions, Wallington Plumbing Supply saw substantial improvements. Their website redesign and enhanced user experience reduced frustrations and boosted online sales. E-commerce upgrades streamlined transactions and increased revenue. Inventory management became more efficient. A revamped SEO strategy expanded their online presence in the competitive plumbing supply industry. Wallington Plumbing Supply emerged as a more competitive player, poised for continued success.

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