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From Brick & Mortar to Adobe Commerce

Colonial Power & Sport
Colonial Power & Sport

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Colonial Power & Sport (CPS), a reputable outdoor equipment dealership, confronted the need for rapid adaptation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their traditional brick-and-mortar sales model required a digital makeover. To seamlessly transition to eCommerce, CPS partnered with DotcomWeavers, known for eCommerce solutions. Their mission: craft a comprehensive strategy encompassing design, development, integration, and growth. Leveraging Adobe Commerce, DotcomWeavers built an integrated eCommerce platform with a user-friendly front end and back-end system integrations. This partnership extended beyond development, with DotcomWeavers spearheading SEO, marketing, and social media efforts. The result? CPS thrived in the digital realm, embracing multiple online channels for success.


Colonial Power & Sport (CPS) faced the formidable task of transitioning from a well-established brick-and-mortar operation to a successful eCommerce presence. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for this transformation. CPS had to navigate the complexities of moving their extensive product catalog and in-store processes to a digital storefront while ensuring a seamless user experience. Additionally, integrating their existing systems, including Lizzy ERP and Zoho CRM, was a crucial challenge. The goal was not only to survive the pandemic but to thrive in the digital landscape, engaging customers effectively and capitalizing on multiple online sales channels.


To meet the challenge of transitioning CPS from a traditional brick-and-mortar model to a successful eCommerce operation, DotcomWeavers devised a multifaceted solution. They selected Adobe Commerce/Magento as the foundation for CPS's digital storefront. Customized back-end integrations with Lizzy ERP, Zoho CRM, and other systems streamlined operations. On the front end, a user-friendly Parts Finder tool with exploded technical diagrams and extensive filters enhanced the customer experience. Additionally, DotcomWeavers provided digital marketing services, including SEO, multi-channel integration, and social media engagement, to help CPS thrive in the digital landscape. The result was a seamless transition to eCommerce, allowing CPS to adapt, grow, and excel online.


The comprehensive eCommerce transformation undertaken by Colonial Power & Sport (CPS) in partnership with DotcomWeavers yielded remarkable results. CPS successfully pivoted to the digital landscape, leveraging Adobe Commerce/Magento for their online storefront. Custom back-end integrations enhanced operational efficiency, while a user-friendly Parts Finder tool and advanced filtering options improved the customer experience. With the addition of digital marketing strategies, including SEO and multi-channel integration, CPS not only weathered the challenges posed by the pandemic but also expanded their online presence, embracing various sales channels and thriving in the digital realm.

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