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Digital Transformation to Adobe Commerce

Sticker Giant
Sticker Giant

Digital Storefront powered by Adobe Commerce
Sticker configurator with unique pricing model
Custom backend integrations for Credit Card and PayPal Payments,
S3 Integration for Artwork Handling
Custom API workflows for Order Fulfillment and ReOrders
Integrated Online Proof Approval for Customers




Sticker Giant was looking for a robust eCommerce solution that offered their team a seamless customer experience for configuring and ordering stickers and yet complete flexibility for their merchandising team to build and maintain content and landing pages.

They had a unique pricing strategy for stickers based on the various options selected by the customers.

At the same time, the solution had to be fully integrated with their own backend microservices for Payments, Artworks, Proof Approvals, Order Management and ReOrders.

Adobe Commerce was the perfect fit to meet their business needs. It has expandability capabilities that allows it to integrate with other business processes and microservices. DCW was the right partner to help them customize Adobe Commerce and integrate with all these services. 


The unique pricing model required nearly 600+ pricing points per product, resulting in over 50000 price points across their products. This pricing data had to be processed instantly on the screen for customers when they made choices.

Sticker Giant had internal microservices for Payment Authorizations with Authorize.NET and PayPal and Artwork Uploads with Amazon S3 which had to be utilized instead of directly connecting with the vendor APIs.

Sticker Giant also maintained microservices that allowed customers to view and approve proofs, view order statuses and reorder items. This workflow needed to be integrated into Adobe Commerce Storefront as well.


A unique Option based pricing solution was implemented to store the price points across products and their options with ability to use import/export to populate data. Additionally, custom caches were implemented to cache data values on the client side for faster processing of prices.

New Modules were written for Credit Card and PayPal payments that would work in conjunction with internal microservices which would receive requests from Adobe Commerce, generate the authorisations from the payment providers and yet keep the whole process fully PCI-DSS compliant.

Custom workflow was written on Adobe Commerce to handle artwork files uploaded by customers to be stored on a AWS S3 bucket utilizing internal microservices provided by SG.

Custom module was written to bring order history, proof viewing/approving and reorders from their backend system, exposed via microservice portals embedded into Adobe Commerce


Ease of use for the merchandising team to manage content, landing pages and product content reduced the time to market these things by 50%. No more depending on developers to make small changes to content or products.

The new storefront customer experience and simplified order flow resulted in 40-50% increase in conversion rates.

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