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eCommerce Transformation with Magento and Epicor Prophet 21 Integration

Wayne Tile
Wayne Tile


Epicor Prophet 21 ERP Integration

B2B Sales Portal

Multi-Site B2B Commerce

Shipping and Payment Customizations


Wayne Tile, a prominent supplier of high-quality tiles and flooring solutions, faced challenges with their existing eCommerce infrastructure. Operating two separate websites with outdated architecture and limited features, they encountered difficulties in seamless integration with their ERP and other third party systems.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive upgrade, Wayne Tile sought solutions to enhance search functionality, seamless integrate their ERP and provide superior service to their B2B customers.


Wayne Tiles' existing eCommerce infrastructure presented significant obstacles to delivering a seamless online shopping experience. The limitations of operating two separate websites with outdated architecture impeded their ability to showcase their product catalog effectively and provide a user-friendly experience.

The lack of integration with their Epicor Prophet 21 ERP hindered their ability for customer, product and order management. Furthermore, the fragmented nature of their platforms resulted in disjointed user experiences and inconsistent branding.


Upgraded eCommerce framework using Magento Open Source to leverage robust shopping cart capabilities of Magento, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience. The focus on mobile-first design, improved load times, and complete integration with their Epicor Prophet 21 ERP allowed for all of their product, customer and order data to be managed seamlessly.

Enhanced the Search Experience by implementing advanced cataloging features so that the users can easily locate products based on various criteria such as SKU, collection name, shape, size, and color. The integration of Intelligent Elastic Search significantly improved search accuracy and provided automatic correction of typing errors, leading to reduced bounce rates and improved stickiness.

Streamlined Product Listing Page s(PLP) with Customization Options allowed the users to toggle between different views, offering flexibility in exploring configurable products. Additionally, advanced filtering options were implemented to refine product searches, catering to diverse user preferences and improving browsing flexibility.


These enhancements have resulted in a significant improvement in the overall user experience, with reduced bounce rates and the ERP integration has provided Wayne Tile with the ability to address real-time inventory management challenges, ensuring accurate stock availability information and informed purchasing decisions.

  • 23% increase in engaged sessions
  • 20% reduction in bounce rate
  • 33% increase in site traffic

Are you experiencing similar challenges?

  • Losing customers due to slow website load times? Our Magento expertise can significantly improve website speed, keeping visitors engaged and driving conversions.
  • Struggling with inaccurate search results and frustrated customers? We can implement intelligent search features that understand user intent and bring in the right product which can minimize bounce rates and respectively increase sales.
  • Does your current platform lack flexibility for product variations and filtering? We can create a streamlined PLP that caters to diverse customer preferences and simplifies product exploration.

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