How an industry leader used a new eCommerce presence to boost online revenue by 20%

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A new eCommerce presence. 

HTSS has been a major name in the industry for many years but needed a new eCommerce presence to stay competitive as customer expectations evolve. Our first project with them was a Magento 1 website that took their business online.

As we strengthened our partnership over the years, the goal was to revolutionize their eCommerce – this time on the robust Magento 2.3 platform with no downtime. The result? A boost in traffic, faster site speed, and an increase in conversions.

Our Approach


The client relied on their site for fast access to specific parts among an inventory of more than 10,000 SKUs. It was crucial that the refreshed site was able to provide efficient and well organized functionality on the backend, high-speed performance, and maintain an attractive and accessible brand experience. Then a robust marketing strategy would be needed to drive traffic to the improved website.


Our development team started by upgrading the website to Magento 2.3. As a part of the rebuild, we worked to streamline the backend catalog and data management. Then they worked to improve the website performance, provide better shipping configurations, and add new payment options.


Our UX team restructured the site to improve the customer journey and provide logical search and navigation options. After that we implemented a new, conversion-focused design with enhanced interactivity.

The Result

This strategy resulted in a 20% revenue increase across multiple channels, and a 10% increase in user engagement.

DotcomWeavers redesign our existing eCommerce website. They take all the steps to make the transition go smoothly. Our new website came out great. I continue to work with DotcomWeavers because they also help grow our business. I definitely would recommend them.

— Marco Prisco | Owner | Hot Tub Spa Supplies


Parts Finder

Hot Tub Spa Supplies customers got a convenient – and much smarter – tool to search, review and buy the parts they need. We not only worked with the HTSS team to create better search filters and logic to help users navigate, we made the parts finder the key sales tool on the website.

HTSS site users will be able to search the part they are looking for by using the Part Finder tool. They can search by Make, Model, Year, and Serial Number. This tool is now ‘sticky’ so it appears at the top of every page – and in front of every user. This keeps it at the forefront of shoppers minds and increases the likelihood of engagement with the tool.

This combined with the enhanced speed from the M1 to M2 migration would ultimately lead to a substantial increase in conversions

Convenient Product Filter and Navigation

For B2B and B2C interactions it is essential to lead your customers to their desired products with clear and concise navigation. Our team worked to implement an advanced layered navigation which allows advanced selectors like sliders and swatches. It also allows multiple values to be selected for filtering. The development team also implemented an advanced sorting module which is used for advanced sort options like Sort by “Best Sellers”, “Newest”, “In-Stock/Out of Stock” etc.

The result was a user-friendly product search system and let customers find necessary items in seconds employing the following elements:

  • Fast AJAX for seamless product filtering
    Flexible Vertical & Horizontal navigation
  • ‘All Products’ page with the full filters list
  • NEW | ‘SHOW’ button

Page Design Optimized For Conversion

Part of how HTSS continues to grow their revenue is by learning more about their customer needs and wants – and then providing solutions. To help users find what they want and enjoy the journey, our design team deployed a new look for the HTSS brand.

The modern style of the site isn’t just for looks though – every design choice was carefully thought out to optimize user engagement. Every click leads people closer to the products they want, which is good news for the HTSS conversion rate.

The following initiative were taken to optimize product pages and display:

  • Product Detail Pages (PDP) which include Description, Specifications, Warranty, Reviews, Product Images, Videos, Manuals, Price, and an Add to Cart Feature for higher conversions
  • Customer Reviews Integrated using Yotpo which can redirect users to PDPs where they can add reviewed items to cart
  • Displayed list of Related products with their respective prices
  • 360 Product View featuring a seamless 360 degree spin using a third party extension
  • ShipStation Integration
  • Fedex, USPS, Free Shipping, Flat Rate, Table Rate Integrations
  • Payment Gateway Options: Paypal Pro, Amazon Payment, and Paypal Express Checkout

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