How leading medical supply company increased their conversion rate by 34%

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Re-envisioning eCommerce on a Magento Commerce Cloud Website

Discount Surgical (DS) has been a leading online retailer of medical graduated compression socks and stockings since 1999. Customers rely on their website to find, research and buy the products they need. DS asked us to re-platform their online store onto Magento Commerce Cloud so they could meet increasing customer demands and grow their business.

Our Approach


In addition to key marketing opportunities, our audit revealed a host of data-import issues. These affected everything from credit card processing and order management to subscriptions and reviews. The orders that were imported manually were not available to reorder through the online store. Our strategists developed a plan to re-engineer and revitalize the eCommerce experience and online operations.


The developers at DoctComWeavers were able to re-platform onto Magento Commerce Cloud and then clean up and optimize the product data and categorization.


After the initial development was in place our marketing team began redesigning key pages to improve the customer journey and increase conversion rates.

The Result

This strategy resulted in a 34% increase in conversion rate across multiple channels and transactions growing by 53%.

DotComWeavers has been an excellent developer partner for our Magento based ecommerce project. Their technical facility with either Magento enterprise or community addition is outstanding. I would strongly recommend DotComWeavers for any enterprise considering building a Magento ecommerce based platform.

— Edward Novick | 5-star Google Review


Re-platform onto Magento Commerce Cloud

Our team leveraged the full power of Magento’s Commerce Cloud, creating an experience that merges the flexibility of an open-source platform with the stability and features that one would expect from a licensed product, to improve the DS site. Smarter automation and data management workflows solved the old import issues. And the customized admin suite cut costs and labor time by giving DS total control over their inventory, orders, and storefront.
At first, this was a pure re-platforming project—no design required. But as the new digital framework empowered DS’ eCommerce, the potential for a revamped customer journey looked too good to pass up.
We kept the core brand intact while elevating the user experience and adding new integrations for key CMS pages including:

  • Product Details Page
  • Checkout
  • Shopping Cart
  • Search
  • Mega Menu

The move to Magento Commerce Cloud gives DS a dynamic and scalable eCommerce engine to drive them into the future.

Redesigning The User Experience

Replatforming and website redesign usually go hand in hand. DS was no exception. They wanted a streamlined UX/UI to match their powerful new Magento architecture.

We reviewed years of analytics and customer behavior to guide the new design. This focused on minimalist icons, clean lines, and strong color contrasts. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) was the goal.

Our new header design highlights the most valuable user tools: the search bar, product fit finder, and intuitive dropdown navigation. We want users to get to the enhanced product details page as fast as possible.

Every change we made to the PDP helps customers along their journey. New icons show important features, shipping perks, and warranties. Images are larger and clearer. All product specifications are neatly listed on the page. Custom options have simple explanations that help users choose with the fewest number of clicks. Even the location and color of the discounted bulk pricing subtly nudge users toward the efficient, two-step checkout (first shipping, then payment).
One last change helped advance DS’s future marketing efforts. We added a full-width content block right above the footer that prompts users to sign up for the newsletter and grow their list.

To complete the redesign we also adjusted the footer to highlight popular pages and consolidate contact information into a single column.

Multichannel Integrations

Magento Commerce Cloud’s potential for third-party integration allowed us to deliver a unique multi-channel solution. We developed working relationships with key service providers and built their extensions into the DS site:

Listrak → A marketing automation platform providing email, SMS, and behavioral marketing to promote growth for their clients.

Sellercloud → an eCommerce growth platform that provides a variety of tools such as inventory and warehouse management, order processing, reporting and shipping.

xSellco → an eCommerce customer service HelpDesk that manages feedback, support and pricing.

Some of the features that these third-party extensions offer are Custom Product Detail Pages, Advanced Product Reviews, Product Feeds, Quote Tools, and Shipping and Dropshipping.

Payment Gateway Integration

Another critical element in the re-platform was to integrate the new site with more secure and robust payment gateways such as Braintree, Amazon Pay and PayPal. This not only ensures PCI compliance, but is also a proven tactic to increase conversion rates by offering alternative payment options that include financing options. Our expert team made the connections and customized the functionality so that it could drive higher conversions.
Other features include convenient refund options that can be managed through the admin suite. Our Braintree-to-Magento integration gave DS the flexibility to solve almost any transaction issue directly from the backend.

ADA Compliance

We updated the Discount Surgical site to meet the latest ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance standards. Compliance ensures that users of diverse abilities, especially those with visual impairments, can more easily navigate the website.

These changes include a cleaner HTML code structure, automatic text resizing based on screen size, and key-board only navigation options.

The benefits of ADA compliance for businesses go beyond accessibility. SEO best practices are implicit in the compliance process. More accurate title tags and descriptive image alt tags tell Google what a page is about (and may even show up as featured snippets), which can lead to better search engine visibility and more clicks.

Easier access equals better usability equals higher chances for conversion.

Finally, adherence to current ADA standards (WCAG 2.1 AA) reduces the risk of being sued for non-compliance. At a time when more and more websites are under increased scrutiny by users and ADA watchdog groups, DS has its compliance requirements covered.

Other features include convenient refund options that can be managed through the admin suite. Our Braintree-to-Magento integration gave DS the flexibility to solve almost any transaction issue directly from the backend.

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