Catalog Management

Our Catalog Management services can help increase your conversion rate by ensuring that enriched product information is available to your users.


We link products for cross-selling and up-sell, create metadata for site search and SEO, and launch content marketing campaigns by linking images, video, PDF documentation in addition to your detailed product information.

Boost Conversions

Catalog Management

Catalog Management

Add Value for Better Conversions

Add Value for Better Conversions

Shorten Time to Convert

User Friendly Product Catalogs

Convert Paper Catalogs into Digital Formats

Optimize Average Time on Page

Benefits of Catalog Management

Product Classifications

    • Multi-Standard Classification System for Each Product
    • Accurate Product Details and Listings Under Each Category

Product Taxonomy Development

    • Simplify the Structure of your Online Store
    • Standardize Product Data

Data Migration

    • Error-Free, Efficient and Effective
    • Migrate Offline Data
    • Create Electronic Records, Databases, and Catalogs

Data Duplicates

  • Minimize Duplicity of Information
  • Reduce Costs of Data & Catalog Management
  • Nullify Financial and Legal Risks

Data Enrichment

  • Analyze Product Data for Inconsistencies
  • Alleviate Manual Efforts
  • Distinguish from Competitors

Data Cleansing

  • Protect Data from Errors and Corruptions
  • Continuous Validation
  • Increase Data Efficiency

Invest in Innovation

Over the years, DotcomWeavers has delivered over 100, captivating, highly functional, and infinitely scalable eCommerce solutions, with the robust Magento Platform as the driving force behind the ultimate success of our partners.

“As an eCommerce company, website layout and navigation are extremely important to us. The DotcomWeavers team has helped us develop a site that is presentable, efficient and easy to use for our customers.”


Craig Mccrickard / Project Manager

““We hired Dotcomweavers to redesign our Magento site. They really care about the companies they work with and invest themselves for the long haul, giving guidance and advice for growth and long-term goals.””



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