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Dotcom Weavers Achieves Gold Adobe Partnership!

February 24, 2022
We’ve started 2022 with the same momentum carried over from 2021 and are now proud to announce that DotcomWeavers has been named a Gold-level Adobe partner! Attaining Gold-level partner status is merely our team’s latest achievement over the past year. Towards 2020’s close, we were named a Silver-level partner, and we added to that milestone upon earning our “Specialized” distinction for Adobe Commerce / Magento in 2021. Only a few months on from this accomplishment, we’ve now reached Gold! But what does DotcomWeavers becoming a Gold-level Adobe partner mean for our clients, and why does it have us so excited for 2022?.

Gold Level Partner

Gold is the second-highest level that members of Adobe’s Solution Partner Program (SPP) can achieve. Reaching Gold-level partner signifies DotcomWeavers’ continual Adobe Commerce / Magento project excellence and client satisfaction over our 14 years of designing, developing, launching, and supporting eCommerce sites.

To achieve and maintain Gold level, Adobe partners must meet annual requirements such as:

  • Achieve or maintain at least 60 Expert-level Adobe certifications
  • Achieve or maintain at least one “Specialization”
  • Launch five successful Adobe Experience Cloud customer deployments (e.g., Adobe Commerce / Magento)
  • Provide customer satisfaction ratings

Adobe relies on its partners to bring the best out of its platforms. The work performed by recognized partners directly reflects Adobe’s functionalities, capabilities, and market reputation. Therefore, the requirements for achieving Adobe’s top-level partner statuses and distinctions are stringent.

We’re exceptionally proud of our team for their latest accomplishment.

Our Journey to Gold

Earning Adobe certifications affirms a partner’s expertise and capabilities with their various platforms. Ever since Adobe acquired Magento in 2018 (and renamed it “Commerce”), the software provider’s certifications have become the professional standard for those working with the platform.

While our experience working with Magento dates back over a decade, there were suddenly new criteria for potential clients to consider when evaluating partners.

Much as the Magento community has adapted to Adobe’s ownership of the platform, our journey to Gold partner has been similarly characterized. We’ve continually sought education and certification opportunities to ensure our knowledge and skills remain up-to-date with the latest capabilities and functionality.

In November 2020, our team held enough Adobe certifications to advance to Silver-level partner, which requires a minimum of ten. Since then, we’ve steadily pursued further certifications while striving to achieve the “Specialized” distinction for Adobe Commerce / Magento.

Specialized for Adobe Commerce / Magento

About one year on from being named a Silver partner, we earned our “Specialized” distinction. As one of the most challenging Adobe partner achievements, we were incredibly excited—you might have caught our end-of-2021 announcement of the news..

To earn the “Specialized” distinction for Adobe Commerce / Magento, partners must complete and maintain at least 12 specific certifications and provide customer referrals to demonstrate their projects’ success:

  • Architect (Certified Master) – One
  • Developer (Certified Experts) – Three
  • Front End Developer (Certified Experts) – Two
  • JavaScript Developer (Certified Expert) – One
  • Cloud Developer (Certified Experts) – Two
  • Business Practitioner (Certified Experts) – Three

However, becoming a “Specialized” partner wasn’t our only goal during this period. While difficult on its own, this achievement also checked off one of the toughest requirements for advancing to Gold partner.

Becoming a Gold Partner—The Latest DotcomWeavers Milestone

Alongside earning the specific certifications Adobe requires for Commerce / Magento “Specialization,” our team continued accumulating more. We had our eyes set on becoming a Gold partner, with one of the biggest challenges being the 60 Expert-level Adobe certifications required.

Over a year, the dedicated DotcomWeavers team has multiplied our Adobe certifications by a factor of six. When we were named a Silver partner, our team held a dozen; in line with achieving Gold, we now hold 72 across 47 team members.

Our journey towards this latest milestone reflects our commitment to delivering top-quality Adobe Commerce / Magento projects, and our educational and certification pursuits mirror the efforts we provide our clients.

To Our Clients—Thank You!

We would not have been successful in this accomplishment without our clients, and we’d like to express our gratitude accordingly. Solving your eCommerce challenges not only puts our skills and expertise to the test but helps further sharpen them as we navigate and adapt to new challenges.

We pride ourselves on delivering custom work that optimizes back-end management and front-end user experiences (UX)—such as comprehensively searching extensive parts inventories.

Our clients’ customization challenges have been instrumental in achieving Gold-level status. Thanks to you, we continually push our skills and abilities.

What Gold Level Means for DotcomWeavers’ Clients

The designation as a Gold level partner helps ensure that we will continue to deliver Adobe Commerce / Magento projects with the same quality and sophistication as those paving the way to this milestone. This is because Gold status’ benefits include increased access to Adobe Digital Learning Services (ADLS) and professional certifications.

Greater access to these resources will build on our staff’s existing abilities and allow us to add to our rapidly growing number of Adobe certifications. As Adobe Commerce / Magento evolves, you can count on our team to keep pace.

To Our Team—Thank You!

For being just as critical to our Gold achievement as our clients, we’d also like to thank our dedicated team members. Our team remains hard at work designing, developing, launching, and supporting all our clients’ Adobe Commerce / Magento site builds alongside increasing their knowledge of the platform.

Reaching Gold-level partner status wouldn’t have been possible without your daily efforts, and we’re excited to continue supporting each other on our way towards more accomplishments in 2022 and beyond.

Make 2022 a Golden Year for Your Digital Storefront

Being named a Gold-level partner in Adobe’s SPP Directory continues our current string of achievements dating back to late 2020. It’s thanks to our clients and our team members that we’ve reached this milestone, and DotcomWeavers is ready—and excited—to carry on this success into 2022.

We can’t wait to see what accomplishments lie further ahead!

If you’ve begun planning new endeavors for your digital storefront this year, contact us to learn more about our eCommerce build quality and capability.

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