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DotcomWeavers Becomes a “Preferred Agency Partner” of BigCommerce

March 29, 2024

We have an exciting announcement to help kick off the first quarter of 2024: DotcomWeavers expanded our capabilities and services by becoming a BigCommerce “Preferred Agency Partner”!

After completing a rigorous certification process involving developers, sales, and marketing to demonstrate their mastery of the platform, DotcomWeavers’ already-accomplished team is now prepared to bring its eCommerce development, integration, and managed service expertise to the BigCommerce ecosystem. BigCommerce’s ecosystem is it ranks among the most popular hosted solutions in the US and internationally, with over 42,000 sites relying on the platform preferred by many B2B and small- to mid-size eCommerce vendors.

Keeping Pace with eCommerce Developments and the Industry’s Future

Achieving a fifteen-year success record in the eCommerce industry is no simple feat—particularly when innovations continuously drive platform, development, and site capabilities. At DotcomWeavers, we’ve witnessed our own expertise gradually encompass Magento, Adobe Commerce, and now BigCommerce as we continuously adapt. It’s all part of our efforts to stay at the forefront of our industry and provide clients with the knowledge and capabilities eCommerce vendors require from their development partners.

Coincidentally, both DotcomWeavers and BigCommerce have successfully navigated these eCommerce shifts and developments for roughly the same decade and a half. And in that time, DotcomWeavers has watched SaaS platforms become the dominant site infrastructure choice for eCommerce vendors and BigCommerce—in particular—make significant strides in its B2B feature set.

We’ve hardly been the only ones noticing, however, as BigCommerce achieved:

  • “Challenger” recognition for the fourth year running on the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce
  • “Strong Performer” status for B2B and B2C in “The Forrester Wave”
  • Named a B2B “Leader” and B2C “Major Player” in IDC’s MarketWatch Reports
  • 12 awards and a Gold medal, among other accolades, in Paradigm's B2B Combines for Mid-Market and Enterprise-level digital storefronts.

The advances in BigCommerces’ feature set overlaps with our most common client base. For example, we’ve now combined our ERP integration expertise with BigCommerce’s infrastructure to provide clients within the automotive industry with Parts Finders and inventory search capabilities that enable site visitors to seamlessly navigate to SKUs they need. The level of client compatibility only made pursuing a partnership with BigCommerce a natural evolution in our efforts to find the perfect solutions and provide additional value while serving each of our customers’ unique needs.

BigCommerce Site Development

DotcomWeavers brings to the BigCommerce ecosystem the same development expertise that has been the foundation of our Adobe Commerce / Magento success for 15 years. Whether building a new site from scratch or migrating your existing digital storefront to BigCommerce, our team will approach the project with our strategic, client-focused approach and tailored solutions.

Every DotcomWeavers site provides customers with a seamless, easily navigable experience and supports users with the technology systems, tools, and data to increase conversions and deliver top-class customer service. At launch, eCommerce vendors will be equipped with the automations, personalizations, self-service, order and inventory tracking, customer visibility, and omnichannel support necessary to centralize and easily manage their online operations.

And with our expertise now extending to BigCommerce, we can leverage their SaaS platform alongside the advanced features, training, resources, and integrations exclusively offered to “Preferred Agency Partners” to significantly slash development times on low/no-code or headless architectures. These shorter launch timelines further reduce development costs and accelerate revenue generation considerably.

BigCommerce Third-Party Integration

The effectiveness of any technology platform or system today depends on its integration capabilities—lagging communication of vital data between separate, siloed resources bogs down vendor agility, leads to customer information and order fulfillment errors, and risks providing customers with clunky, confusing experiences that heavily diminish their chances of returning. Put simply, eCommerce success depends on integrations.

Fortunately, DotcomWeavers’ expertise in eCommerce integrations leads the industry. Whether custom builds from scratch or rapidly implemented and configured API connections, our team will provide real-time, frictionless data transfer between systems and tools, including: 

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as Epicor, Sage, NetSuite, and SAP
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Product information management (PIM) systems
  • Financial record systems for taxes and accounting purposes

Your BigCommerce integrations will truly create a centralized ecosystem that collects all data (in real-time or on a schedule) and puts all the necessary tools at your fingertips to manage customer and order data with accurate product information and inventory levels.

BigCommerce Maintenance and Support

Contrasting with many eCommerce development partners, DotcomWeavers’ expertise and experience don't disappear after site launch or leave you to contend with ongoing management alone. With eCommerce's evolutions over the past two decades proceeding at a breakneck pace, continued maintenance and advisory often prove difference-makers for digital storefronts looking to achieve the same kind of longevity as the classic "Mom & Pop" shop in every town.

Our clients leveraging the “white glove” managed support services we offer never miss out on new eCommerce opportunities and functionalities, essential upkeep and updates, or continual optimization that maintains peak performance. No longer will new version releases break your integrations, the threat of bot, carding, and other cybersecurity attacks keep you awake at night, or complex PCI compliance heap more stress onto the overflowing to-do list that comes with running your own eCommerce business.

Let DotcomWeavers alleviate those headaches for BigCommerce sites instead.

Connect with DotcomWeavers About Your BigCommerce Project

As a "Preferred Agency Partner," DotcomWeavers now brings our trusted expertise and client-centric focus to the BigCommerce ecosystem, resulting in bespoke development, integration, and support services. From new sites to updates, we'll deliver a branded, optimized, omnichannel solution that drives conversions and customer satisfaction to new performance benchmarks.

Contact us today to learn why so many eCommence vendors trust BigCommerce to host their site and DotcomWeavers to develop, integrate, and manage it. We'll walk you through why a BigCommerce site (or another solution) would provide the best platform for your digital storefront's operations.


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