How a luxury stone and tile manufacturer redesigned their website to better serve customers while reflecting their brand.

A website redesign positioned for omni-channel and B2B commerce

Nemo has been a fixture in Manhattan architecture and, now, throughout the world. From hotels, restaurants, and lobbies to company headquarters, entertainment complexes, transportation hubs, and residential kitchens, baths, and recreational spaces, Nemo Tile always meets the demand for beautiful, high-performance surface materials.

When Nemo first approached DotcomWeavers, the website did not match their reputation as a high-end brand. They were being held hostage by an outdated CMS with no ERP integration and no option to sell products online or allow users to browse through products in a user-friendly way. These headaches became a top priority for the project, including a need for a robust and scalable eCommerce platform which could be integrated with their Epicor P21 ERP. 

Our Approach


The initial goal of the project was to deliver a custom user experience that would drive conversions while maintaining the high aesthetic standards of a luxury brand. After that, the back-end of the website needed to be updated with complete integration with their ERP. DotcomWeavers developed a plan to update the website’s front-end while making the operational functionality and transactional capabilities.


Our developers replatformed the site from WordPress to Adobe Commerce so that it could handle their complex B2C and B2B commerce needs. While the website’s design was the main focus, the site architecture was set up to support online sales, customized shipping and payment gateways. The project also included a variety of custom integrations with other platforms and programs. Last but not the least, the goal was to create an ADA compliant site for an enhanced user experience and also for SEO benefits. 


Our team rolled out the new site and began directing traffic there immediately. NemoTile was able to get detailed analytics as users browsed products, added items to their carts, went through the checkout process, and were nurtured through a seamless sales funnel. The integration with their ERP solved a lot of fulfillment and customer service issues. ADA compliance and redesign gave them the uplift in conversion rate they were looking for.

The Result

This strategy resulted in significant operational advantages and increased profit margins.

DotcomWeavers has been an excellent development partner for our Magento-based eCommerce project. Their technical facility with either Magento enterprise or community addition is outstanding. I would strongly recommend DotcomWeavers for any enterprise considering building a Magento eCommerce based platform.

— Edward Novick | 5-star Google Review


DotcomWeavers blended form and function to check all of NemoTile’s boxes and achieve their ultimate goals.


A masterfully designed website was the final product that showcased products and highlighted the brand feel of NemoTile. The website offers a seamless experience that feels the same as visiting their showroom or chatting with their team on the phone.


Creating a custom design was step one. Allowing customers to purchase products online using Adobe Commerce along with complete ERP integration was step two. NemoTile not only wanted to offer the functionality to ‘add to cart’, but they wanted to do so in a very user-friendly and intuitive way.

Online Payments and ERP Integration

With products now available, collecting payment was the third step, and DotcomWeavers had to custom-build the entire integration to make that a reality. Because NemoTile’s Vantiv payment gateway is native to Epicor P21, custom APIs were programmed to make the connection between Adobe Commerce, Vantiv and Epicor P21.

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