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eCommerce ConsultiNG

Whether you are a traditional business owner or an omni-channel expert, finding your way through the world of eCommerce can be tough. And we can’t always afford to hire a dedicated body to the venture, even though we wish we could. That is where our consulting services come in.

For a fraction of the cost compared to hiring an experienced, dedicated staffer, our team of experts will come alongside your business, guiding your strategic road map and establishing goals that get you where you want to go. And because we work across a variety of industries and business sizes, you can feel confident that the advice you get is coming with expert insight and the same care you would expect from yourself.

Consultation is a Broad Service

Guiding you where you need it, helping you see what you might be missing, and always focusing on growth. We will help you however you ask, without sugar-coating it or holding you back. We are where we are today because of the great leadership of our team. Now, we want to give some of that help and knowledge to you.

Strategic Development Roadmap

Developing a complex eCommerce site is not a straight line from A to B. Whether you are investing a large sum of money into the process or creating phases of work over the next several years, you will need a roadmap to keep you and your developer on course.

We are here to ensure that the project is planned in an ideal fashion, making the most of the dollars you spend and focusing on getting you live as quick as possible.




"They have a very professional staff that’s focused on creating the ultimate customer experience. We highly recommend using DotcomWeavers for any website needs."


Marketing and UX Strategy

How people get to your site and use your site is critical, arguably the most important part of your eCommerce strategy. We take our 14 + years of experience helping grow sites and updating user experiences and give you the insight you need.

These objective, data-driven points will make a world of difference when it comes to cart abandonment and quality score on search engines. The goal? Increasing organic traffic and conversions on your site, saving you money and time, while making your store shine.

Website Audits

This is where we take a look under the hood and give you are insight into what your site needs and what options exist. Sometimes, you might get pitched on a lot of needs that seem important. But we will provide you a neutral view of what we see to help you make the right changes.

Business Strategy

Once you have the store and customers are coming, now you have to find the best way to operate.

What system should we use to keep track of inventory and shipping? Are customer reviews really helpful? All these questions and more can be answered. Our knowledge is yours for the taking.

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