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From Cart to Conversion

Whether your company is launching its first website or already has an established online presence, the goals are the same: meet customer needs and grow the business. Success in a competitive environment requires a customized approach that leverages the latest technology to efficiently convert casual browsers into loyal customers. From the spanning architecture to functional navigation, DotcomWeavers digs deep to enhance every touch point, develop your connection with customers and realize your business potential.


We’ll create a custom online catalog to feature your products in an efficient and appealing layout. Our flexible approach can accommodate everything from multilevel product categories to tier-based pricing.


Using various third party applications to compute shipping rates and sales tax, we can speed your customers through checkout, while e-mail will link them to abandoned carts and recover lost sales.

Improved Business Management

By integrating the leading ERP systems – MAS 200, Microsoft Nav, StoneEdge, QuickBooks, Oracle, and SAP – we will improve your financial management process and automate how you fulfill orders for customers.


Boost customer confidence with secure payment gateways such as Paypal, Google Wallet,, First Data, BrainTree, and Stripe. In addition to handling PCI compliance and hosting, we also encrypt credit card and order data to ensure customer safety.

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More Questions about eCommerce

While it is unlikely to get everything that you want right out of the box, our broad service offerings can definitely help you cap costs, especially when starting an online store. We partner with leading open-source companies and offer many third-party extensions to enhance user experience on your site. By integrating the best enterprise platforms available, we can also meet the specific needs of your growing business.
Absolutely! We use 100%–scalable architecture and a fully automated content management system (CMS) that integrated into the structure of your website. Users with site administrator privileges can quickly and easily update content and images. Our CMS also makes it easy to create new pages, delete obsolete information and add or remove items from your product catalog.
We integrate robust enterprise platform systems with your website to ensure the security of credit card and order data. In many cases, a 256-bit SSL certificate protects credit card transactions, which is the same level of security used by banks. In addition to accommodating PCI certification, our platforms also accept a variety of credit cards and payment gateways to ensure convenient and secure online business transactions for consumers and merchants.
In addition to allowing customers to process multiple orders with just one click, every website we build includes standard checkout best practices that ensure information accuracy. Automated processes calculate taxes and integrate shipping with major carriers across states and countries. By integrating warehousing, inventory management and order management systems into the site we can help minimize out-of-stock mistakes and eliminate costly errors in product fulfillment. Simply by working with us you are streamlining and protecting your checkout process!
By setting up search filters, we can create customer groups and capture information in order to target repeat or volume customers with special offers, discounts, and tiered pricing options.
Website pricing is typically contingent upon the amount of design and development required to fulfill your project goals. Since goals and budgets vary by project, DotcomWeavers does not offer a standardized pricing model. However, rest assured that we give thoughtful consideration to your needs and budget. Also, once your website goes live, we provide comprehensive support that includes fixing system "bugs" and minor graphical modifications.
Yes! With the rapid growth of mobile Web sales and Google’s new mobile requirements, savvy online retailers must provide an optimal customer experience across multiple platforms. Using our versatile site architectures and expertise in responsive design, we can adapt images on your main site for viewing in mobile environments without compromising the user experience.
Absolutely not! While high conversion rates can turn more browsers into buyers, there’s a lot more to the story. DotcomWeavers can provide analytics to determine which aspects of your website are user friendly and which need better solutions. Part of what makes us unique is the way we view our clients as partners. Most remain engaged with us long after their sites go live because we keep them abreast of changing technology and marketing trends and update their websites to keep pace with business growth.
Magento is a dynamic platform, and when paired with the right business, can create powerful results. If you have a lot of products (hundreds or thousands) and/or the need for custom selling options to different buyers, then Magento is one platform we would recommend. Smaller businesses may not need or want the full spectrum of features Magento offers, and in those cases, we’ll recommend alternate eCommerce platforms to drive success.
Magento offers one of the best, if not the best, order management systems available. It also grants access to an ecosystem of more than 8,000 custom modules. Most other platforms do not offer the diverse range of functionality and open-source customization. In addition, Magento is stable, secure, scalable, and SEO-friendly, which makes it a great option – especially when it is it is installed and configured by Magento experts.
No. Magento has a learning curve, but it is not as steep as other platforms. When setup and configured by a team of Magento experts, handling the core functions of your Magento system should be straightforward and easy. However, we do suggest working with a certified Magento developer when making updates or adding new modules.
Absolutely. Not only are we experts at building systems and taxonomies that support your product data, we can also help you create the data itself. Through a combination of keyword research, copywriting expertise and adherence to brand style, we can create compelling consumer-facing content as well as the data to populate the backend.
We have lots of experience with this process. Many clients come to us looking to expand their brick-and-mortar business into the eCommerce sphere. Our expert designers and content strategists can adapt your current product catalog to work within the product taxonomies we create for your website. We’ll also ensure that the content itself is updated for web-friendly use.
This is part of the service we provide. By carefully building your product taxonomy, content presentation, and data fields, we will ensure that you have a functional template to work with after launch. Whether you want to update an existing product or add a new one, you will be in complete control of your product data. We’ll even train you how to manage the catalog and data from the backend.
Writing and developing great content is an art, as is formatting it to achieve maximum impact and viewer engagement. At DotcomWeavers we can design an entire content strategy, write the blog posts and articles, and interlink them with the rest of your site to achieve incredible SEO. Part of the content strategy includes a long-term plan to develop content that builds on previous material to spur constant improvement.
Product variants - the different variations in color, size, model, etc. - of a certain product, can be tricky when it comes to SEO. We recommend creating a single page with all your variants in one place. Customers can then choose the size, color, model, etc. For best results, apply on-page SEO to create an optimized product page, which ranks well on search engines and converts your visitors into buyers, with attractive design, hi-res images, persuasive content and clear a call-to-action.
Site architecture is the way your content is organized on your website. Simple and intuitive site architecture is vitally important to eCommerce websites. You want to make it easy for search engines and customers to navigate your website and find the content they want. This ensures better results on search engine results pages (SERPs), and means customers are no more than 2 or 3 clicks away from a purchase. We will build your site architecture with sales and SEO in mind.
We can integrate automated software applications to handle your accounting and sales tracking on a daily, quarterly, and yearly basis. Our team can also customize the functionality to fit with your unique business practices. When data is retrieved, it will be clear and concise so you can leverage the existing performance for future growth.
Yes, we can. Our team of expert designers and developers can create custom business solutions that handle end-to-end B2B needs. Just a few of the processes we support include high sales volumes, subscriptions, order management, quote management, contract pricing, channel partner support, cross-selling/upselling, licensing, renewals, ERP integration, CRM systems, and much more.
DotcomWeavers has extensive experience collaborating with businesses to facilitate communication and negotiate the best prices with external service vendors. We also evaluate proposals and can create cost-saving solutions that duplicate or improve upon services rendered by others. We are more than a design and development company – we are a true business partner.
At DotcomWeavers, we are fully invested in every project we take on. To ensure that clients receive our best thinking from day 1, our strategy and consultation meetings are attended by key stakeholders in each department. Our CEO and director of business development will be there to listen to your needs, as will a lead UX designer and project manager. Not only will you receive high-level thinking about solving your problems, but also the technical solutions and a clear understanding of what it takes to accomplish your goals.
The more information we have about your business needs, the better able we will be to help. This starts with a clear understanding of your current market position and marketing and sales strategies. We also want to know about your goals and aspirations. It’s our job to get you there, so we need to know what you are starting with and where you want to go.
To get your project started after the consultation, you should contact our director of business development or CEO directly. They will set you up with a coordination meeting to discuss the scope, schedule, and project proposal. This is the start of our collaboration, and we’ll make sure you are excited about the process from day 1.
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