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Hot Tub Spa Supplies is a major retailer of chemicals, parts, and maintenance supplies for hot tubs and spa facilities.

After 40 years in business, 20,000 products in their lineup, 2 new showrooms and thousands of happy customers, Hot Tub Spa Supplies wanted to make a splash in their industry yet again.

Their goal? Launch a web application that could serve the needs of multiple retail partners (of various sizes) and a diverse customer base – all while making it easier to manage their business.

We turned on the development jets and helped Hot Tub Spa Supplies secure its position in the market with an unparalleled shopping experience in their industry.


A Refreshing ERP Integration

To launch a website that could cater to all customers (B2B and B2C) we migrated Hot Tub Spa Supplies’ existing website from OpenCart to Magento. This added a depth of functionality to their site that customers and search engines would love.

Part of the process involved integrating their Evosus ERP with Magento, which gave them total control over their inventory management and sales process. For an improved user experience, the HTSS website also features a comprehensive parts finder.

By adding Yotpo (a user-generated marketing software), customers can review products, ask questions and get feedback directly from other customers - which are every eCommerce retailer’s most powerful sales tool.


More Traffic, More Sales

With improved sales functionality and business management tools in place, it was time to focus on marketing and customer acquisition. The site is a mobile-first platform optimized for search engine visibility.

We also created AMP pages that conformed to Google’s needs and increased the search relevance of the site.

With their competitive pricing, 360-degree imagery, and multi-channel strategy, HTSS stands out from their competition and continue to grow year after year.


Enhanced eCommerce

Ready to take your sales to the next level? We can help make your website the best one in your industry with great design and seamless system integration.

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