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Innovative Payment Gateways Drive Sales

Today’s customer journey is not linear. The old tale of visiting a store, browsing what is in stock and paying at the counter has evolved into a more fluid narrative.

A Sales-Driven eCommerce Website

This post is about unlocking online business potential. Specifically, how a new website integrated with custom software can supercharge sales. It worked for Samsung Parts’

Create a Winning Welcome Email Strategy

The Best Customers Are One Greeting Away When a customer creates an account or signs up for your newsletter, they are saying, “Hello, I’m interested, tell me more.”

Optimize Your Checkout Page to Convert

Online shoppers are fickle: in 2017 their average cart abandonment rate was 67%! Worse still, most customers abandoned their carts at the eCommerce checkout page.

How to Handle Abandoned Carts

About 70% of online shoppers abandon their carts. You know the story. Visitors browse your eCommerce website, examine products, and add items to their cart.

Top 2018 eCommerce Trends to Watch For

eCommerce revenues are expected to eclipse $400 billion by the close of 2017. This surge happened by leaps in social media, omnichannel strategies, and mar-tech



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