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March 2017 Newsletter

July 27, 2017
Spring is almost here, and to celebrate its arrival we created lots of fresh new content for our March 2017 Newsletter! March features some fantastic content that covers our clients, our latest blog posts, and some tips from Weaver, the helpful Dotcom Beaver. For a complete look at March’s newsletter, click on the button at the end of this post. To check out individual sections, keep reading!

Featured Video: AAE Glass Testimonial

To celebrate the launch of the AAE Glass website, the team at AAE created a wonderful testimonial about working with DotcomWeavers. AAE Glass came to us after working with several developers who were not able to meet their needs. To learn about this Florida-based fused glass art supplier and how DotcomWeavers made their eCommerce dream a reality, check out the video.

Featured Site: AAE Glass

The AAE Glass website reinvigorated their online presence and helped them expand more than 40% after launch. For even more AAE Glass info, and to check out the beautiful site we created for them, click here.

March 2017 Newsletter Events

It’s always nice to mix things up and find a few extra reasons to celebrate. Here are just a few events that our team participated in this past month.

  • Company NYC Trip
  • Snowmageddon 2017
  • Valentine’s Day (aww)
  • Friday Lunch Work Session

Weaver’s Tip of the Month

If you want to earn more conversions, you need to think like the customer and tailor your website accordingly. Check out our blog post with some great tips to think like your customers.

Featured Press

We publish several blog posts each month, and two of our recent favorites are:

  1. Website or App? How to Choose What You Need
  2. Walmart vs. Amazon: The Future of Global Commerce

And there you have it! We send out the DotcomWeavers newsletter midway through each month. To see what we’ve been up to over the years you can check out all our newsletters here on our blog. Of course, please don’t forget to subscribe and receive the latest newsletter as soon as it’s released. Just scroll down to the footer and enter your email. We look forward to bringing you more great content!

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