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Lizzy CRM Adobe Commerce / Magento Integration

April 4, 2022
While some Adobe Commerce / Magento integrations are provided “out of the box,” they don’t always offer the best possible functionality. For example, perhaps there’s more data you’d like to pull during a query or sync, or maybe you want those syncs to be triggered automatically and occur in real-time. As was the case for Colonial Power & Sport (CPS), some eCommerce businesses need more from their Lizzy CRM integration in both instances. We put our expert developers on the challenge, and their integration solution pulls more data in real-time to keep CPS’ eCommerce and dealership operations running as smoothly as possible.

What is Lizzy?

nizeX, inc. develops and provides Lizzy as a suite of web-based business management software. Lizzy’s customer relationship management (CRM) system can either be used as part of the full suite or as a standalone implementation.

Our client Colonial Power Sports (CPS) and many similar businesses rely on Lizzy, as the platform was initially developed for the outdoor power equipment (OPE) and power sports industries. While Lizzy has become more generalized in business management applications, the functionalities it provides remain strongly suited for dealership-specific challenges.

Lizzy API

Lizzy’s existing application programming interface (API) facilitates some data transfer between the CRM and Adobe Commerce / Magento or other webstore platforms. The API is RESTful and generally GETs (i.e., queries or pulls) or POSTs (i.e., sends) customer contact, order, and inventory data. However, this “out of the box” API for Lizzy only pulls new orders at set intervals, which can cause operational, sales communication, and fulfillment delays that no business wants to contend with. Furthermore, the Lizzy API is passive, so the Adobe Commerce / Magento must initiate any data retrieval to sync a digital storefront with the CRM.

Passive API Challenges

Digital storefronts integrated with Lizzy can’t readily sync catalog and inventory data due to the passive API. This can cause complications where orders are still submitted for out-of-stock products because the eCommerce site listed existing inventory. There will also be a delay in making any changes to product descriptions and details.

If an eCommerce business conducts order processing and inventory management in Lizzy, there will always be periods when the information provided to customers is inaccurate.

Order Challenges Without Real-Time Data Retrieval

eCommerce data delays only result in missed opportunities at best and fulfillment and relationship complications at worst. For example:

  • If Lizzy's API doesn't pull a high-priority order until your staff has already left for the day, you may come in the following day to find a wrench in your fulfillment process. For a dealership, equipment, and parts provider like CPS that also handles servicing, unaccounted-for situations can pose significant operational issues.
  • Suppose a customer forgets to add a product to their cart on their initial order but remembers and submits another one a few minutes later. In that case, Lizzy's API may leave a substantial time gap between retrieving them.

The Benefits of Real-Time Data

With real-time order and data retrieval, the first scenario above never happens. Instead, order information always enters Lizzy’s CRM promptly.

For the second, real-time data allows your business to easily identify the situation and send both orders together—saving on material costs for you, shipping costs for your customer, and time spent on redundant fulfillment processes. The situation can even be leveraged into a quick, relationship-building customer conversation.

Both responses show you’re already on top of the situation, but you’d need real-time data to capitalize on either.

Your eCommerce technology stack needs to integrate and operate seamlessly for you to hold complete control over shaping your customers’ experience.

DotcomWeavers’ Custom Integration

Our development team’s solution for CPS’ challenge is an integration that automatically triggers whenever their Adobe Commerce / Magento site receives new orders and submitted contact details.

Our integration also pulls from more fields to facilitate better, more regular, and bidirectional data transfer for:

  • Customer accounts
  • Catalog information
  • Inventory updates

Now, CPS receives prompt data synchronization, so they always have the data to make optimal decisions. The wrenches stay in CPS’ service bays and out of their eCommerce operations.

Real-Time Catalog and Inventory Data Retrieval

With the custom integration developed by the DotcomWeavers team, CPS’ webstore queries Lizzy for new or updated products created within the system daily.

All new or updated products are automatically created on their Adobe Commerce / Magento site, with the associated data fields populating:

  • SKU
  • Current inventory in stock
  • Imagery
  • Any descriptive information

Our custom API also pulls any stock quantity changes to Commerce / Magento every 30 minutes to accurately adjust the inventory that customers see on CPS’ website.

Real-Time Order and Customer Retrieval

As soon as a new order is submitted on CPS’ digital storefront, our custom integration automatically detects the change and triggers the data transfer to their Lizzy CRM. eCommerce orders always reach the relevant staff promptly, and everyone is equipped with the information they need to manage both holistic operations and personal tasks.

In addition to the real-time order sync, any site visitors placing their first online order will have a new customer account created in CPS’ Lizzy CRM.

Real-time creation of new customer accounts helps streamline fulfillment by ensuring staff always have the order and shipping information they need. It also aids in tracking where individual orders are in the fulfillment process.

Real-Time CRM Contact Retrieval

Beyond order and product data, CPS’ custom Lizzy CRM integration sends any lead and inquiry information provided via webform to sales and support staff in real-time. Inquiry forms submitted by new visitors on CPS’ digital storefront will automatically trigger a data export to their Lizzy CRM as a “CFM contact lead.”

Real-time data transfer provides sales and support staff with the opportunity to follow up or answer any questions immediately. Rapid response initiates a conversation with potential customers right when they’re already engaged with CPS and their offerings, fostering confidence and establishing a positive reputation.

Our integration ensures that all the data necessary to pursue sales and relationship-building opportunities is provided right away.

Custom Integrations Developed by DotcomWeavers

Our biggest source of pride as a recognized top partner for Adobe Commerce / Magento is our custom development work. We understand that your site needs to seamlessly integrate with your other software solutions and implementations to fully leverage your technology stack’s capabilities.

Your technology’s smooth interoperation can be the difference between your eCommerce business becoming a market leader or a problem manager.

If there’s an integration you need, would like to have, or think could run more seamlessly, let’s talk about it and see what our solution would be. Backed by the reputation and quality that earned our Gold-level Adobe partnership, we’re confident we can solve your eCommerce challenges—whatever they are.

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