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Launch of New SuperBreakers Website

June 27, 2017
Paramus, N.J. (June 2017) ‘DotcomWeavers’ an award-winning web design and development company that creates custom web solutions for eCommerce businesses, is proud to announce the launch of its latest client website: SuperBreakers. SuperBreakers is a B2C retailer that sells a huge range of new electrical products from top brands at low, wholesale prices.M“After months of design, development, and client collaboration, we are excited to launch one of our flagship websites,” said Amit Bhaiya, CEO and co-founder of DotcomWeavers.

The SuperBreakers project began with an update to their Magento-based platform. Then, one of the first issues addressed was the information architecture. DotcomWeavers created a flexible category system that made it easy for contractors and other customers to quickly find the parts they need. Another powerful feature was a custom quick order integration. This allows customers to search by SKU and instantly add an item to their cart, no searching necessary.

For total customer convenience, DotcomWeavers also refined the search filters. For order management, THub and channel advisor were integrated for a true omnichannel solution. Finally, a powerful customer loyalty program was implemented that featured a rewards program to turn new customers into loyal followers.

The result was a robust, scalable solution that also delivered an improved customer experience and superior business management.

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About DotcomWeavers

DotcomWeavers is an award-winning ecommerce web development company that specializes in custom website applications. We also provide search engine optimization (SEO) services. Our expert web designers, developers, and project managers harness the latest technologies to innovate customized solutions that meet the unique business needs of each client.

Founded in 2007 by entrepreneurs Amit Bhaiya and Mayank Agrawal, DotcomWeavers is a full-service web company. It serves an array of industries around the world. DotcomWeavers’ headquarters is in Paramus, New Jersey. We also have offices in Orlando, Florida, Hyderabad, India, and New York, New York. Finally, for more information and to explore our services, please visit DotcomWeavers.

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