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Build a Master Marketing Strategy

December 18, 2020
So, your website is successfully running on Magento Commerce. Your products are up, your store is organized, what’s next? In any eCommerce business, having a live, shoppable site is a good start. But, to grow revenue and elevate your eCommerce to the next level of success, you need to be able to successfully market your products and services, delivering a complete brand experience to your shoppers. Effective marketing will not only drive traffic to your site but it will also build loyal return customers to dramatically improve ROI and CLV. With the flexible architecture of Magento Commerce, marketing for your business is a breeze and the best part is that it’s all built-in. Let’s talk marketing on Magento Commerce.

Magento Commerce is known for its user-friendly yet technically robust tool belt that empowers business owners to produce, publish, and analyze custom content to build their businesses. These 4 out-of-the-box tools are essential to building a master marketing strategy with Magento Commerce.

1. Magento Commerce Page Builder

The flexibility of Magento Commerce makes it easy to manage multiple websites and storefronts for different brands, customer segments, and customized product grouping from a single robust admin interface. Magento Page Builder, only available with Commerce, extends that easy management with the ability to preview changes live and schedule content updates. Its stand out design tools like drag and drop layouts and reusable dynamic blocks are all available with a few clicks and no coding knowledge required. Have multiple sites? Save time and resources by storing your pages and layouts as templates and use them on any of your sites. Magento Page Builder acts as the one-stop shop for the content creator with unlimited access to Adobe Stock assets including the capability to search and license these assets. This eliminates the time consuming and cumbersome process of searching for low-cost options to improve your page and enrich your custom content presentation. Deliver that immersive and engaging customer journey and boost engagement on your terms.

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2. Theme and Extension Integrations with Magento Commerce

Exceptional customer support is a major driver in any successful top earning eCommerce endeavor. In too many cases, email interactions are slow and inefficient. Today’s eCommerce shopper is looking for instant replies and resolutions to any issues that may arise during their customer journey. Enter LiveChat and ChatBot integrations found in your Magento Commerce Marketplace. Live chat software like dotdigital chat and Drift are seamlessly integrated with Magento Commerce so you can interact with your customer base without delay to stay on top of customer questions. Get them one step closer to a conversion with little to no cost to you.

When the customer journey is ready to be completed you want to be sure your store offers accessible payment gateways to encourage conversion. Magento Marketplace is your simple and convenient solution to that too, offering a plethora of popular payment gateway integrations like Klarna, Amazon Pay, Stripe, and many more. The Marketplace features testable demo functionality and lessens the guesswork when it comes to custom programming by providing preprogrammed extensions that have been extensively tested and reviewed by the Magento community. All extensions are kept up to date with the latest compatibility to keep your integration process smooth and stable.

3. AI with Magento Commerce

It’s no secret that customers appreciate personalization and will pay for it. A generic or cold shopping experience will be a huge deterrent to shoppers. Just supplying content is not enough. Personalization = conversions. Therefore, an omnichannel approach with a cohesive and contemporary flow will set your eCommerce marketing game apart from the crowd.  To increase Average Order Value (AOV) and your Add to Cart Rate, consider employing the personalized content and product recommendations generated by eCommerce tools that utilize AI technologies. Magento Commerce is equipped with a product recommendation feature powered by Adobe Sensai which is proven to drive engagement on your store’s product pages. Save time and money by allowing this tool to automatically generate relevant product recommendations which will be displayed strategically throughout the customer journey.

4. Magento Business Intelligence (BI)

In any market, it is essential to track the progress of individual and collective elements of a business from operations, delivery, and technical perspectives. In eCommerce, reporting analytics are especially useful in developing a proper marketing strategy and overall business plan. With Magento Business Intelligence on Commerce, you will have unrestricted access to crucial data through automatically generated monthly and quarterly reports. Magento BI reports are updated in real-time with information integrated from any data source of your choosing in one centralized user-friendly interface. You have the ability to define your chosen metrics and take your data to the next level transforming it into presentable and easily digestible graphics.  This tool is a huge asset for any company looking to scale business and improve their day to day operations. Magento BI enables a business owner to monitor consumer behavior and the success of promotional campaigns or new content across websites to ensure that every next business decision is always informed.

Building a master marketing strategy is uncomplicated, effective, and enjoyable with the help of Magento Commerce and its rich selection of marketing tools and automation.

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