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A Sales-Driven eCommerce Website

July 20, 2018

The Story: Integrating 500,000+ Parts into a Sales-Driven eCommerce Website

Samsung Parts is an authorized B2B / B2C distributor of Samsung parts and accessories. With a rapidly-growing business and more than 500K products, they needed to re-platform their existing eCommerce website.

Their goal? Support a streamlined shopping experience and provide better business and inventory management functionality for their staff.

The core of the project was the integration of their new website with their legacy ERP, Microsoft Commerce Server. No other agency they approached could do this a reasonable cost and timeline.

This partnership helped Samsung Parts launch a mobile-first, SEO-driven website with simple, customer-focused navigation and internal process solutions. It is a scalable eCommerce solution that expands Samsung Parts’ service offerings into the multichannel environment.

Here are the project nuts and bolts.

The Challenge: Custom Integrations

There are eCommerce sites that make it possible for people to buy products. Then, there is the sales-driven eCommerce website that takes this idea to the next level. Samsung Parts wanted an incredible customer shopping experience that was backed by unparalleled inventory and business management software.

To make this happen, there were four key issues to solve.

ERP Integration: They needed an integrated framework to support the Samsung Parts mission, which lay at the center of their user needs, technical requirements, and business goals.

Magento 2.0 Development: The biggest challenge was to customize the Magento database so that it could accommodate more than 500K parts without compromising speed and improve conversions.

Customer Service Automation: The system had to enable customer service to place orders on behalf of customers and address order/shipment related issues.

Billing and Shipping Customizations: They required a payment gateway that worked with their business logic and integrated with a shipping service that fit their products and offered to ship to multiple locations in a single order.

The Solution: Customize the Perfect Website

Mission accepted. With a scope in place, we broke the process down into three phases.

UX Research

Understanding Samsung Parts’ audience led to a website that encouraged visitors to become customers. By leveraging analytics and data, the website design helped solve user problems, inspire action, and make more sales.

The Samsung Parts team worked with our strategists and designers to create a sitemap, wireframes, and detailed user flows to guide customer activity.

Sales-driven design

Samsung Parts is a simple, conversion-oriented website with a clean, inviting look. The platform embraces their authoritative position in the industry while providing customers with fast access to the parts they want.

As a mobile-first, sales-driven eCommerce website, users can quickly find and purchase products on any device. This design style was invaluable because first impressions really do matter and a positive user experience is critical to sales.

Customized Backend

The customized CMS allows their internal staff to update product data, place website orders and deal with customer service issues. It also features custom admin roles and permissions for salespeople, customer service reps, and product managers.

These customizations allowed for everything from taking orders over the phone and advanced account support, to streamlining batch order processing, issuing refunds, and handling out-of-stock issues.

Our team also trained the Samsung Parts staff to use the customized backend, which gave them total control over the day to day business maintenance.

“The shift to Magento 2.0 along with ERP integration provided immediate ROI for Samsung Parts and ensured that their website could scale with their business.” – Mayank Agrawal, CTO of DotcomWeavers.

Optimizing the User Experience

Great UX is built into the fabric of a website through quality design and development…but there are always more ways to push the limits of customer convenience. Here are two key upgrades that Samsung Parts added to boost conversions:

Mobile All the Way

Since nearly 60% of their traffic would start on mobile devices, mobile optimization – not merely responsive design – was essential for their website. The site started with a mobile-first perspective, so it looked and functioned perfectly whether customers accessed it from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Parts Finder

The Parts Finder is accessible from all pages and provides an intuitive search system that helps users find products across a variety of parameters. Through the Parts Finder, users can also explore interactive parts diagrams for a deeper connection with the products.

The diagrams include a convenient call-to-action so users can quickly add items to their cart. Finally, the system tracks search analytics so Samsung Parts can use the data to further optimize the site.

The Results: A Profitable Future for Samsung Parts

Every business wants big results right after launch. For Samsung Parts, the improvement exceeded their highest expectations. Some key numbers were:

  • 25% Increase in Site Speed [ a huge boost to user satisfaction ]
  • 98% Lower Bounce Rate [ proof of superior user experience ]
  • 18% Higher Conversion Rate [ sales skyrocketed in the first month ]

But initial results aren’t the only markers for success. Some of the key website features that will pay dividends over time include.

Integrated Product and Order Fulfillment

This integration keeps customers happy and the website running smoothly. It manages essential business processes, streamlines order fulfillment and allows Return Merchandising Automation that generates shipping labels after receiving approvals.

Streamlined Customer Service

Improving customer service was a priority for Samsung Parts. The Help Desk module solved their issues with an easy-to-manage ticket system that outperforms their previous email-based service by every metric.

Conversion-centric Parts Finder

This is the core of Samsung Parts’ service offering. It features an integrated system that manages their vast content library and makes it searchable across a variety of parameters so customers can find products quickly and easily.

Multichannel Ready

Now that Samsung Parts has an optimized digital home, it’s time to dig in and build brand awareness among potential customers. Our solution brings them to the forefront of the current digital ecosystem while positioning them to successfully venture out in the multichannel environment.

Moving Forward

Behind all our efforts is the DotcomWeavers technical support team, which is always on hand to solve their day-to-day issues. It’s a true partnership and we’re excited to see where it goes next!

Final deliverable? A profitable a sales-driven eCommerce website as easy for Samsung Parts to manage on the backend as it is for customers to shop on the front.

For more information about the Samsung Parts project, Magento pros & cons, or other DotcomWeavers services, contact us today!

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