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Use Custom Magento 2 Extensions

July 30, 2019
Custom Magento 2 extensions make it easy for Magento merchants to enhance the look, functionality, and performance of their websites. And with more than 8,000 extensions on the Magento Marketplace, you’ve got software at your fingertips that covers everything from customer support, payments, and security, to marketing, shipping, and fulfillment. DotcomWeavers has several custom extensions on the Magento Marketplace that our clients are using to enhance their user experience and optimize shipping.

Before we review the DotcomWeavers custom Magento extensions, let’s review why an eCommerce merchant would want a custom extension in the first place.

Why Custom Magento 2 Extensions

Do you want to capitalize on a new opportunity or give your users a service that no other brand can offer?

Magento 2 is flexible, scalable and can accommodate all kinds of extensions. That’s why you chose Magento in the first place, right?

Some Magento extensions work like WordPress plugins – a few clicks and you’re ready to go. Others require some customization and/or integration with unique features of your Magento site.

For 100% custom Magento extensions – the kind that makes you really competitive – you’ll want a skilled Magento developer to build, set up and maintain it. The right Magento extension can help your business rise to any eCommerce challenge.

DotcomWeavers Magento Extensions

Each of the 3 extensions below helps one or more of our clients to enhance the user experience or optimize shipping costs and speed. They are also available on the Magento Marketplace. For questions about a custom Magento extension for your store, get in touch today.

Virtual Try-On Magento Extension

One of the few downsides about shopping for clothes and accessories online is that you can’t try on what you’re looking at. Many eCommerce retailers struggle with how to help their customers experience products virtually.

With the Tollgroup On Magento extension we built for our client, Select-A-Vision, customers can see how they look in the eyeglasses and sunglasses they’re interested in.

Here’s how it works.

The user-friendly interface allows customers to take or upload a picture of their face. It then adds a rendering of selected glasses to their face so they can see how they look. And a simple integration allows users to share their looks with friends on social media.

  • Easy to upload or take pictures from your device
  • Import images from social media
  • Unlimited customer uses
  • Share your look on social media
  • Compare your Try Ons
  • Provides a wide range of actions to adjust the image
  • Simple to install and configure on Magento

Compatible with desktop, mobile, and tablet Virtual Try-On works with almost any fashion accessory worn on the head or face. It is currently being used in the Eye Care, Beauty, and Jewelry industries.

UPS SurePost Magento Extension

Our client, Confectionery House, needed a cost-effective alternative to their normal shipping method that didn’t sacrifice quality. They asked us to build a Magento extension that connected their ERP to a new shipping option from UPS that combines the reliability of the UPS Ground network with final delivery by USPS.

Meet UPS SurePost. It’s a powerful Magento extension that helps reduce shipping prices for your business and your customers.

  • Cheaper than normal UPS services
  • Shipping to all addresses (incl. PO Boxes)
  • UPS Tracking
  • Fetches LIVE quotes from UPS
  • Displays rates based on origin, destination, and cart weight
  • Works on Shipping Estimator, Checkout, and Admin Order Creation
  • Editable Magento code for easy customizations
  • Can specify UPS account details to work with your own UPS account

UPS SurePost is a great option for businesses that want to increase their margins in the short term. If your business primarily ships small parcels, serves customers who UPS services or you currently use USPS or another small parcel carrier, UPS SurePost is your perfect match.

UniShippers Magento Extension

Unishippers is the trusted shipping advisor for over 90,000 customers and provides them with a complete individualized shipping solution, the best rates, and exceptional customer service. And more than 30 national, regional and local providers integrate with Unishippers service to offer cheaper and faster LTL shipping.

When our client, Medical Equipment Dynamics, needed an efficient way to ship orders that varied radically in quantity and weight, we built them a custom UniShippers extension.

  • Reliable savings
  • Efficient Freight Management
  • Exceptional Platinum Service
  • The Unishipper API fetches all live shipping rates
  • Automatically calculates shipping rates
  • API fetches and displays real-time shipping charges to the customer
  • Calculates price based on shipping address, zip code, and city
  • Work with your account by specifying Unishipper account details
  • Easy to set up and customize

UniShippers is ideal for small and medium-sized companies that have variations in their shipping volume each month.

Benefits of Creating Your Own Magento 2 Extension

Whether you’ve got a problem to solve or want to take your Magento site to the next level, a custom Magento extension from a Magento developer like DotcomWeavers can help. Have questions? Want more information about custom Magento extensions? Get in touch today!

P.S. Migration is the perfect time to implement extensions like these.

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