Your business needs a strategic social media strategy


May 18, 2011

You need a strategic social media strategy

There is an assumption going around the business community about social media. Owners believe that having accounts on social media websites counts as running a social media campaign. They imagine that keeping those accounts active with updated content and cool graphics is enough to attract potential customers and increase sales. Those still harboring this assumption are gravely mistaken. The big picture for social media consists of finding a way to engage with a target audience and, through that engagement, allow content to develop. You need a strategic social media strategy. That is how you build business-to-customer relationships with social media. When the customers see their ideas mirrored in the development of the services and products, or any aspect of the business, it earns their trust.

Okay, so what am I doing wrong?

Most of you are guilty of only pushing your company’s message and failing to ask for or respond to any comments or engagement from the few people that are listening. To most people, your constant Tweets of every blog post your website has ever logged is annoying. Tweeting about how much and where to buy your products is also annoying. To be sure, you want to do these things, just not all the time or even most of it; and certainly not as your first communication to anyone in the social media atmosphere.

I get it, but how do I go about social media the right way?

Before you jump into the social media scene, your online business needs to have a social media strategy. Create a purpose (or more than one) for your ventures into social media. Set goals for each purpose and plan out how you mean to measure your progress towards those goals. The obvious one is ‘to increase sales’, but there needs to be more to it than that. For example, a good start for any social media strategy is to have an introduction phase. Introduce you and your company to other companies, individuals, and other parties that are likely to be interested in your products and services. The goal here would be to introduce yourself and insert your presence into the real-time conversations that are happening in your corner of the market. Give people a chance to notice you and want to connect with you, instead of forcing it on them. It makes all the difference.

I’m not sure I can make a social media strategy on my own.

Just like so many other innovations, entire business industries spring up to meet a new demand. It happens that there are companies out there highly skilled in creating social media strategies for clients, like our experts at DCW. Now it’s just up to you to reach out and find out what benefits and services they can offer to create a stunning social media presence for your business.

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