You Need Much More than a Website


Aug 16, 2011

For success today, you need more than a website!You are moving or upgrading your business online. All you need is a website, right? While this may seem like it is the only thing you really need to focus on when moving your business online, there is more to it than that. In fact, you should not think of this as a single investment but rather a series of decisions you need to make regarding the updating of your site. In other words, a website is made up of smaller, individual decisions. The compilation of each one of these decisions will create the website you want to represent your business. Essentially, you need more than a website, especially when it comes to eCommerce.

Your Domain Name

Like the address of your brick and mortar business, your domain name’s actual website domain name is critical. If you choose the wrong name, or just a series of letters, your potential customers will not find you. Location is everything in a local market and your domain name also makes a big difference.

  • Choose one that helps with search engine ranking.
  • Choose something that customers can easily remember.
  • Choose something that represents the company as a whole. It should say something about you and your business.

Once you have the domain name in place, you can then work on the next decisions.

Web Hosting

You may have a name for your site but you do not own the property that it will sit on yet. In other words, you need a company that will allow you to connect through the Internet through their servers. This is a big decision to make, too.

  • What type of server or web hosting is right for the size of your website?
  • How much space do you need, (based on the size and structure of your site)?
  • You will need a company that is responsible and able to keep your site up no matter what.

Web hosting services range widely. However, the right company can be both reliable as well as cost effective.

Web Design

You are linked to the Internet now, but what will you show to the world? This is where web design and website development come into play. In short, you need to create a website that looks and works the way you need it to and the way your customers want to interact with it. Functionality and flexibility are key factors as well.

  • Web design should make it easy for your visitors to navigate through your site.
  • Web design should ensure security of any processes that take place on your site, like purchases or customer input.
  • It should work well for search engine ranking, too.

In addition to this, you may want to consider things like the use of multi media. Work with your web design and development team to come up with a site that is functional, while achieving your goals.

Website Goals

Speaking of goals, what are the goals of your website? Do you want to grab customer’s attention? Do you want to sell services? Perhaps you want to simply get more information or give information. Maybe, you are only concerned with lead generation. With the right website, that takes into consideration the goals of your business, you are able to make a better decision overall. Take the time to find web designers that can contribute to all of your needs are experienced in creating websites for businesses in a similar or the same industry. Each of these factors can make a big difference in the overall finished product.

Remember, this is an investment you are making in your business and its online identity. Make it count.

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