Who Needs a Website CMS? And Who Doesn’t?


Jan 26, 2012

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The promise and practicality of website content management systems

Way back in the last century, even before we started Dotcomweavers as a new jersey based web design company, professionals recognized the immense potential benefits that could come from utilizing a content management system (CMS). By building in a CMS to create, manage, store and deploy content on the websites they designed, they could empower the site’s owners in numerous ways, including:

    • Anybody you give access to the system can change and add to the content of your website from anywhere. You don’t need a separate web professional on staff or retainer to keep your site fresh and up-to-date. And the modern CMSs, our web developers NJ team deploys take almost no time for the company’s own authors to learn.

  • Design and content are separate, so you can’t “break” the design template while altering the content. Conversely, you can change the design template at any time without having to re-input or reformat the content.
  • Because a CMS website is database-driven, you can create and store hundreds of pages or more in the database and the CMS will deploy them dynamically.
  • No longer practical only for big spenders
  • Back in those days, though, these benefits were just a pipe dream for most small and mid-sized companies. Sure, web developers in NYC or NJ could custom-develop a CMS for you from scratch —but they had to charge so much for development time that the overall cost was prohibitive. As soon as the words “content management system” came up in discussions with web developers, NJ/NY businesses would first react enthusiastically and then beat a hasty retreat when they heard that the price for such a system could easily run into six figures.
  • But during the last decade, the advent of open-source blogging software and other inexpensive tools like WordPress and Drupal has made the dream a practical possibility for many more businesses. Our own team of web designers  incorporates a CMS into at least 95% of the sites we build. They really do simplify website updates and enable many of our clients to minimize ongoing website expenses.
  • So why wouldn’t every website benefit from using a CMS?
  • Although our web developers NJ team members are firm believers in the benefits of a CMS for most types of websites, we also know there are still some instances where they wouldn’t provide enough value to make them worth the trouble:
  • Brochure and other static websites. If you don’t plan to change the site much or very often, you don’t need all that power. It would be like using a Ferrari engine to push a baby stroller.
  • Websites with limited lifespans. If you’re just building a website for a one-time event, for example, you don’t need to be able to change it.
  • Websites of companies that don’t want to “do it themselves” at all, but would rather leave everything in the hands of an individual or a group dedicated exclusively to website maintenance. This is obviously a costly alternative, but some companies can afford it.
  • Dotcomeavers web designers in NJ would be happy to discuss your goals and operational preferences with you to determine if a website CMS is right for your business.
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