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One can have a new innovative idea for a website or online business.  The idea and concept can seem so clear and precise in their minds.  They will know exactly what they want and how they want it until the developer comes into the picture.  Almost every individual who has a website may have a horror story of a web developer or big web development firm that became a business deal that went sour, usually at the expense of time and money of the client.

Dotcomweavers can be that New Jersey web design & development company to ease your website creation woes and put an end to your search for the right web developer. Our interaction with numerous clients on different levels of business gives us a front-row seat to first-hand creativity.  We hear new ideas for online business and fresh ways to keep online customers satisfied and coming back.

At the same time, we’ve heard their stories of past developers they have worked with and how they were not satisfied with the overall work quality, response time, or communication.  Some have told us how they made their payment for a website, the first week goes well then all of a sudden the developer is MIA and unresponsive to emails or phone calls.  Weeks then months go by and they are either left with a missed opportunity and/or a lost deposit.

So finding the right developer for your website takes time, risk, and sometimes a little patience.  Sounds like modern-day dating doesn’t it?  Well, it is a relationship and we firmly believe that relationships are successful and solid on communication and trust.

Dotcomweavers takes pride in our focus on quality service for the customer which is built on communication and trust.  We do our best to respond to your every inquiry in a reasonable timeframe and take time to make sure we both understand each other on every level.  As far as trust, that is always difficult to earn, therefore we try to emulate our integrity in our quality of work and also from the moment we start communicating with each other.  Some are more trusting than others but our video testimonials straight from the client also give you the web development comfort that you seek.  We can confidently say, put your trust in us and our goal is to transform your idea into the website you’ve been dreaming of.

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