What You See is What You Get


Jun 11, 2010

First off, this article is NOT about WYSIWYG editor. We are going to touch on one very important aspect of web site development and that is design. A website’s design is the “first impression” to the user. Of course a first impression should make a lasting impression. Therefore, having the right design that attracts the user to stay on the website, explore and keep returning is the goal.

Many websites however have the wrong impression by either doing too much or too little. For example, Flash had made an impact on websites since its debut in 1996. A website with Flash was all the rage until website owners thought the more Flash their website has the better it will be! So they paid big money to have elaborate flash intros with all the bells and whistles. They even wanted to add menus and galleries with full flash animation. Soon enough, an all flash website had its problems, slowing down computers and some even projecting this corny, trying too hard image. One can see the irony in having a flashy website done in flash, no need to try so hard.

Another example, can be the plain jane website, where one is not trying at all. Simple information that looks like a MS word document put into HTML and published. So what am I getting at here for your website design? Don’t over do it, but put the effort into creating that image to draw a user to enjoy visiting your website time and again.

Dotcomweavers Inc works closely with many clients who have their own particular vision of their website design. However, clients’ ideas may not always be what is best for the website. So we make the extra effort to come as close to the client vision as possible, but also reminding them of our ideas and design expertise that will be beneficial to the website overall. This is where our talented designers and website experts set ourselves apart from the competition by providing their knowledge to creating designs that are eye catching while keeping in mind to make the design user friendly. So keep in mind, that the right design for your site is a perfect balance of your vision combined with the skills, knowledge and talent of Dotcomweavers.

Dotcomweavers Inc is a NJ/NY based web solutions company providing high quality website designs, flash and multimedia services. For our design portfolio, visit the Dotcomweavers Studio.

Visit www.dotcomweavers.com to know more about Dotcomweavers Inc.

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