Webapps–the next BIG thing

Webapps–the next BIG thing

Have you heard of webapps?  Several IT experts are claiming them to be the future of the internet. Microsoft has recently announced that its next Windows update will have everything based on the ideology of webapps.

This means that the next Microsoft Windows should work on every tablet, PC and Smartphone in the world. These applications operate using a web browser as their platform. And Microsoft is just one of those few big names in the industry that have begun experimenting with them; Google is already working on making its OS acceptable to every device in the world.

Seeing the mamobile shopping cartrket leaders heavily investing in them, all the IT nerds and technology experts have begun reasoning their debates whether or not webapps are the future of the internet.

Finally the buzz reached eTailing and eCommerce stores that have chimed in to explore potential of HTML5-powered webapps rather than native software programs.

Here are five reasons why you should also have a webapp:


1. The cost of the app

As apparent, webapps are soon going to take over every device by a storm. That means far more coverage than native apps which require a separate version for each OS. No more Android, iOS and Windows Phone confusion – a standard HTML5 app can be downloaded and used by all.

This reduces your cost. Also, HTML5 is far more flexible and allows an application to be created right from scratch than Java. This should also contribute to cost saving.

2. The availability of the right minds

HTML5 is already broadly being used by web experts and software development agencies all across the world. Right now, each OS at mobile phone devices and notebooks require separate experts that are difficult to find.

With HTML5 channeling all the apps, an eCommerce webapp should be developed by the right professionals. It is a platform that is already being used worldwide with far more experts than in any other platform. More talented minds mean brighter chances of creating a stellar webapp.

3. Update your app whenever you want, however you want

Right now, all the apps are either located on the web app store or the local application markets for mobile devices. This makes each app being regulated by the big names such as Google, Microsoft and Nokia. Why let them regulate your native app when a webapp can be updated whenever you want.

This also means faster updates to all devices, and only one platform for which to provide updates. Say goodbye to glitches and bugs that lead customers to submit negative reviews after using the updated application.

4. Your money is ALL yours

Studies suggest that there are over 1.2 billion mobile devices on planet Earth right now. That’s a mighty big number, and letting them download your app, the app store is surely going to keep its share. And well, the share is not a tiny sum either. It’s actually 30% of all the proceeds that you receive, plus 100% of all money that you earn by selling a native app to end-users.

With HTML5, there will not be an app store where your application will be published. No publishing also means you don’t have to rely on Google, Microsoft and Apple and pay them while they do nothing

5. HTML5: your door to connect to a larger audience that loves apps

With native app stores gone, your application will only be published on the World Wide Web. Now users won’t search for apps on an app store, but on their search engines. That gives your eCommerce app far more marketability.

And you won’t even have to pay the web browsers to support your app – how great is that? It is estimated that the mobile market will reach $200 billion by 2020. With a webapp, you can market your offerings cost-effectively without compromising the buyers’ online shopping experience.

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