Web Marketing: Fatal Errors


Nov 29, 2010

Once you have transitioned your business to the online marketplace, it is not a guaranteed road to riches. One of the most important aspects to a successful online business is your web marketing. Coming up with an appropriate strategy for your online business is a highly involved process with many items to take into consideration. A web marketing solution, customized specifically for your online business is the best way to avoid making critical mistakes that lose you the sale.

The first step to finding the errors in your marketing campaign is to measure your website’s performance. This can be a tricky task if you do not have an overarching set of goals that guided the creation of your website. Is the point of your online presence to generate leads for you business? Is your website an e-Commerce site, selling directly to customers? These factors and more must be known to make a proper measurement of performance. One solution does not fit all. The importance of a custom solution for web marketing cannot be stressed enough and the same goes for analyzing performance. What may be a good measurement indicator to one website may not be adequate for another. Keeping this in mind with the goals, one website may want to measure visitors to justify rates to online advertisers. Another website may want members or subscribers to sign-up for an e-mail newsletter; another may want to measure actual leads and/or sales. With this in mind, the campaign manager may realize that the website that is bringing them the most visitors may not be bringing them the most leads and/or sales. Analyzing the website performance is a vital step to improving your marketing campaign.

Having professionals analyze and test your websites performance is the best way to avoid the following, most common, mistakes in web marketing for any online business:

  • Lack of Focus. Is your website focused towards it’s goals or is it trying to accomplish many different tasks, doing none of them well?

  • ‘Cost per lead’ Trap. The metric you want to focus on is cost per acquired customer. Your real goal should be to win a profitable customer at the lowest possible cost.

  • Poor Conversion. It isn’t about the amount of traffic your website receives, it’s about what percentage of that traffic converts into qualified sales or leads.

  • Failing to Pre-Qualify Visitors. Use the content of your website to pre-qualify visitors. Relevant, compelling content will allow prospective customers to qualify themselves.

  • Forcing the Form. Direct methods of contact are usually a better way to land a new customer than a long, frustrating form. Have a phone number and email option along with your form.

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