How Web Design Matured with Web 2.0


Oct 17, 2010

Time to do away with the static, boring websites of the past.  There was a time when a logo, brief summary about your company, a couple pictures and a phone number to reach customer service was considered a website.  That time has come and gone.  Websites are now expected to be updated constantly and with content relative to the visitor, even eCommerce sites.  They want this content delivered in a web design layout that is visually stimulating and shows impressive functionality.  The days of gimmicks, such as using catch words or phrases and hoping the traffic they drive to your site will somehow transition into transactions, is over.  Most seasoned internet surfers are well aware of the existence of stale sites that seem tempting, but ultimately deliver nothing.  They may click, but they do not stay.  Offer quality content that finds its target audience right away.  This is what visitors have come to expect. Read more to see how web design matured with web 2.0.

The successful websites are the ones that have quickly noticed the change in trend for web design and acted accordingly.  The design of websites has become increasingly interactive; for example, brand name stores like Target and WalMart have veered towards making it easy for visitors to easily and quickly filter through the thousands of options to the item of choice.  Even the websites of famed sports teams exhibit the qualities of a highly interactive experience for the user, whether they are browsing through team history, statistics and information, or if they are browsing through the eCommerce section of the website.  Every aspect of every page on successful websites invites the visitor to explore something the storefront is promoting or to a regular service/item of the company.

In comparison to a website you know is successful, how is yours?  What are the immediate differences between the websites?  I bet the very first things you notice are elements that mark the difference between web design now and web design 10 years ago.  Visual effects combined with functionality geared toward delivering a maximum amount of data as conveniently as possible is the way to go.  Make it fun for people to surf your web pages.  Fun and useful.

The best way to go about it is hire a company that has a lot of experience in the field and employs a team of experts.  Selecting a team to work with that is updated on the newest methods and techniques for web design is important.  The content is important, but the method in which it is presented weighs the heaviest in priorities.  Do you have news and press releases related to your company?  Announce them on the website in a way that makes visitors want to look and explore further.  Make use of media and movement to guide the eye of visitors to desired locations on the page.  The better quality the design, the more people you retain and entice to return on separate occasions.

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