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Overlooked Issue for Your Web design: Browser Compatibility


May 09, 2011

Imagine you are on a website. It’s taken 15 minutes to hunt it down and now you just need it to load. Maybe you need a product off it, a service or just some vital information. Finally, the landing page loads, but there’s something wrong with it. The font size varies, the color scheme is whacked out and you have to side scroll to see the whole page! You have just been a victim of failed browser compatibility.

Often overlooked and underrated, browser compatibility is a leading problem with many business websites. Sure, there are a plethora of aspects to consider when designing a website, but there must be some focus on creating a website that will run smoothly on most, if not all, browsers.

One of the most intensely annoying experiences on the Internet is not being able to see a website correctly with your current browser. Most web designers will test out their creation on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. There are well over 25 browsers that users can choose from, so only testing 3 probably does not make the website compatible across the board.

Why do many web designers fail to test browser compatibility?

Maybe they are overworked or were not expressly told to do it. Perhaps, they were even instructed not to by a client because the service would be extra. The point is whatever excuse a web designer gives is a poor one at best. There is no reason for not insuring a website runs, appears and behaves as planned on all major browsers.

There are programs that can check browser compatibility for you, such as DreamWeaver. Web designers can use the Acid test as well. There are just too many options available for solving, or at least identifying, this issue for so many online business websites to have the problem.

If you find that your business website is suffering from browser compatibility issues, then it is definitely time to find experienced web designers that know and implement the best practices for web design.

If you cannot afford to get professional web designers to check the browser compatibility for your website, watch the following video for instuction on using the Acid Test. It goes through it for the 4 major browsers: IE, Mozilla, Safari and Google Chrome.

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