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Web Design and Fitness Pros Unite


Dec 15, 2010

Anyone in business will tell you that professionals know to work with other professionals. When you want something done right and you want the people doing it to be accountable for their work, you find and hire real experts. That goes for web designers just as much as fitness professionals. That’s why the owners at sought out Dotcomweavers. They needed a reliable team of web design experts to turn their great new idea for connecting fitness professionals and the people who are looking for them into a reality.

When they first came to us, we thought the idea they had for creating a portal connecting you with a professional trainer was amazing. Our team was just excited about making it happen as the owners were to find someone who had the skills and experience to do the job right. The professionals at Dotcomweavers know that it’s all about customizing your service for your clients. The owners at wanted a customized portal that allows anyone to search for a professional fitness trainer that is right for them and lives nearby. Right away, our experts could tell there was going to be some heavy reliance on databases to store information. Truthfully, the entire website was
going to be very database interactive, and so the innovative solutions we came up with reflected that need.

Using pHp and building a platform for instant searching through huge databases in MySQL, we were able to make sure the website would run smoothly and very quickly. Since visitors will be querying through the information constantly, we knew this would be a major concern. The site runs so fast, its hard to imagine that it contains tons of information from two different sides. See, we created one end for users to find the fitness professional of their choice and another end to allow fitness professionals to sign-up and make their services available to the public.

The goal of the owners at is to connect both sides of the business with ease and security. With our help, they eliminate the time spent searching for a reliable, certified trainer. Now, finding the right fitness trainer for you is just a matter of a couple clicks. It has never been easier or more reliable and Dotcomweavers was happy to make it all possible.

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