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Aug 09, 2010

When the Internet was in its first generation, pundits were unanimous in declaring that as the Web grew, it will fundamentally change how business is conduct.  Certainly, time has proven those predictions to be true. As the first wave of the internet ended in late 90s, with the dot com boom fading away, it was thought that the Internet was finished as a business platform and eCommerce arose.  Fortunately, Web 2.0 made its way into the continuously developing ways of the Web. Web 2.0 means business.

Web 2.0 is is based on new ideas in web design and web development that incorporate new programming languages to create an interactive web experience for customers thus opening new channels of communication especially with companies.  Now exists an entire generation of people who have grown up not knowing the world without the Internet.  This generation ultimately feeds off the convenience and instantaneous experience of the World Wide Web now in Web 2.0.

Unfortunately, some companies have not kept pace with web 2.0 development and their web sites still reflect the obsolete and outdated web development techniques. Similarly, web design has changed dramatically in the past ten years from the use of just a few design languages just a few years ago, to today with web 2.0 development including several different languages to create a far richer internet experience.  It is evident that businesses that do not take advantage of Web 2.0, and remain merely static and informative, run a high risk of losing their business to the competition that capitalizes Web 2.0

Doctcomweavers helps small businesses and individual entrepreneurs move into the web 2.0 arena.   Our thorough experience with Web 2.0 fuels our commitment to helping small business achieve their goals by providing professional and attractive website designs to customers throughout the United States.  We stand by our skilled developers who specialize in Web 2.0 websites.  Our proven portfolio takes the internet users to a new level of online experience.   We remind you that our team is also business minded.  Not only do we create websites, but we make sure they are customized to meet or exceed business expectations.

Dotcomweavers Inc is a NJ/NY based web solutions company highly skilled and experienced in Web 2.0 development and design.   For more information, visit Dotcomweavers Web 2.0

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