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Personal Interest Drives Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is essential to building a strong eCommerce business. Companies are always looking for innovative ways to retain their customers, and showing personal interest is key. Here are five simple ideas to do just that.

1. The Write Stuff: A handwritten note to a customer goes a long way, so express your gratitude with a meaningful message.

2. Go Big: Do something so above-and-beyond that the customer won’t be able to stop talking about you and your business. Why not personally deliver one order a month, or include a gift card with random orders. May be send birthday flowers to one customer each quarter. The key is to make the customer feel special.

3. Reward Good Buyers: Randomly offer your customers free or discounted shipping on their next order, and let the attached note explain why.

4. Get Social: Whether you focus on their business or yours, sharing your thoughts on social media creates a win-win scenario – promoting your company and interacting with your customers.

5. Listen Closely: During conversations with customers, listen for subtle details about their lives. If they mention going on vacation, ask where. If you’ve been there, recommend your favorite spots.

When it comes to customer loyalty, the potential is real and the possibilities endless – so try showing some personal interest.

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