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How Much Does an eCommerce Website Cost?

An eCommerce website can cost you, but trust that a high quality website will contribute tenfold to your online store’s success. When creating an eCommerce website, there are many cost factors that must be considered – design, programming, customizations and integration. Pricing is often dependent on the complexity of these factors, as well as a few important details many overlook during the budgeting process – server setup, marketing, project management and training.…

As a general rule of thumb, consider the following breakdown of budget/cost percentages: Design (5-10%), Programming (20-30%), Customizations (20 – 40%), Integrations (10-20%), Hosting (2-5%), Marketing (10-15%), Project Management (5-15%).

For more information regarding our approach to developing an eCommerce website and to view our body of work, check out our online portfolio:

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