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The Importance of Mobile Responsive Design for eCommerce

As technology continues to evolve, mobile responsive design is increasing in importance. As the use of smartphones and tablets grows exponentially every year, businesses have to be able to adapt to these ever-changing platforms. For eCommerce businesses, there are a number of advantages to mobile responsive design.

One of the biggest feats of responsive design is having just one code base to manage for all browsers, operating system and devices. It makes overall design a priority, helping you save on maintenance costs while being more creative with content. It allows you to focus on UI and UX, as well as streamlined hosting and increased marketing efforts.

Even if your business is not eCommerce, mobile responsive design is still a must for growth and innovation. For some, it’s a choice; however, DotcomWeavers considers responsive design to be the only way forward.

To learn more about our approach to response design, check out our site:…

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