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DotcomWeavers’ Recipe for Success: eCommerce Strategy

Building a great eCommerce website can be a lot like cooking. A successful development and design strategy takes a great deal of planning and preparation before all the “ingredients” can be combined to “serve” the “entrée” to your customers.

The first step is to get all your “ingredients” in place – to visualize your project, gather all the necessary information, and define your requirements in details. The second step is the actual “cooking” – where all the “ingredients” come together and result in a beautiful dish that’s ready to be “served” and “eaten”.

DotcomWeavers considers the launch of your site to be worth celebrating, much like a dinner party. Once your site is up and your guests can start “eating”, that’s when the real “party” starts. This metaphor defines eCommerce in its perfect way, because eCommerce is about vision – ingredients – people – all of these coming together to take the whole process through to the end and manifest a recipe for success.

To learn more about DotcomWeavers’ process and how we may be able to apply creative strategy to help your business grow, check out our site:

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