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Adding the Human Touch to UX Analysis

Online businesses always want to know what draws visitors to their websites, what they do there, how long they stay and why they leave. They really need to understand what resonates with users and what effectively motivates them to take action. While data influence a lot of design decisions, the numbers alone cannot completely define the user experience.

The best designers harness their creative intuition – weaving together the data and human elements – to craft an amazing user experience (UX).

Here are some of the guidelines they follow:

1. Gather quantitative and qualitative data. This includes A/B tests results, analytics, sales data, interviews, customer surveys and other research.
2. Embrace the complex human experience. Averages and inferences are good starting points, but remember that users navigate your site with different purposes.
3. Accept that there is no right or wrong. Use data to monitor changes in customer behavior, gain a deeper understanding of problems and explore new directions.
4. Be specific. Define what the data means to your design process, and incorporate that information into your user experience.
5. Share what you learn. Helping everyone on your team understand how and why data shapes design hones their UX expertise.

Effective UX analysis must go beyond the numbers. When designing the user experience, data plus the human perspective create a winning combination.

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