Video Testimonial from Web Design Client: Something Different Linen


Mar 13, 2013

A lot of businesses may already have a website in place, but often, that website is not really serving their needs adequately. This was the case with Something Different Linen. The Clifton, NJ-based business found that their old website was not addressing the specific needs of their organization.

“We did not have a strong presence on the internet over the last few years,” stated Mitchell, the President.

That changed, however, once they contacted Dotcomweavers, the premier source for NJ Web Design & Web Development. Dotcomweavers’ experienced team of web design professionals sat down with Mitchell and Vice-President Aracelis and created a web page for them that not only targeted their customer base, but enabled them to broaden their audience and expand their business.

“We contacted Dotcomweavers to meet with us and to go over our product, our customer base, and who we thought the target audience was,” added Mitchell.

What was especially valuable was that they finally had a website that truly delivered what they wanted. In particular, they needed a website that successfully showcased their wide range of products, something that their previous site did not do. Dotcomweavers used their Web Design & Development expertise to showcase Something Different Linen, and their products and services, in a way that maximized customer engagement.

In addition to Dotcomweavers’ ability to effectively address the specific needs that Mitchell and Aracelis had, the pair was impressed by the NJ Web Design company’s professionalism and commitment to their clients. At Dotcomweavers each and every member of their office, from the sales staff to the customer service team, is dedicated to ensuring that their client’s goals are addressed. They make the process easy and stress-free, even if the client is not particularly tech or computer savvy. They are prompt in addressing any questions and queries, going so far as getting back to clients on Saturdays.

Aracelis noted, “If you had a question about the site, if you had something you were unsure of, they were quick to respond.”

Mitchell and Aracelis are very happy with the local New Jersey-based Web Design & Web Development services that Dotcomweavers has provided them.  Instead of an old website that was hard to navigate they have a new one that generates positive traffic and further clientele.

As Mitchell put it, “I think the quality of our site is exceptional.”


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