How to Turn Customers into Loyalists

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As business owners, we all want customers, but what’s the goal we should really set to sustain a successful eCommerce business? If your answer is turn customers into loyalists you thought right. Sure, we all want as much traffic to our site as we can get and we are happy with any sales that come our way, but how do we turn buyers into full-fledged brand loyalists?

Word of mouth marketing

One of the best ways to market is through word of mouth. Nothing beats a review than one coming directly from someone you trust. Traditional marketing has its value, but there is no better marketing tool than having your customers become advocates for your brand.

Having customers that feel passionate about your business will not only show up as an upside to your revenue but also will help your business grow. Scaling a new business relies on its supporters.

One company I believe that has truly excelled in this area is Uber. Uber has done an exceptional job at marketing and taking the term “brand loyalist” to a whole new level. Giving out promotion codes to get the first ride free and allowing their customers to share these codes with their contacts really did wonders to help Uber spread the message about their service. I still cannot wrap my head around how fast people took to this service once their pricing became affordable for the everyday person.

Make customers feel appreciated

Actions speak louder than words. All the marketing material in the world won’t equate to the way you treat your customers. In order to convert customers into fans, you must put your fair share of work into making your customers feel appreciated.

The first step to turning your customers into brand loyalists is to ensure your customers have a top-notch experience every time they visit your page or contact your customer service. If you make your customers feel like they are the only thing that matters at that moment in time, they will be sure to remember it. Engage with your customers on a personal level, become their friends, not just a business they frequent.

Statistics have shown that 75 percent of brands do not know what engagement means but are “measuring” it. Don’t be one of these brands. Engagement is the definition of what it takes to convert customers into fans. Social media has opened up so many different avenues to communicate with your customers there really is no excuse not to be active around the clock to boost your brand. The better you manage your channels, the higher quality the experience will be for your customers.

Make everyone feel special to turn customers into loyalists

Another way to earn brownie points with your customers and turn customers into loyalists is to make all your customers feel special no matter the circumstance. Don’t be selective. Reward your customers whether they are shopping with you for the first time or the fiftieth. Even if it’s something small, a token of appreciation can truly make a difference.

Many companies make the mistake of only rewarding those who dish out the cash, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Rewards don’t always have to mean discounts or giveaways right off the bat. A simple “Thank you for your purchase, we see you liked this product, please enter your email to be among the first 25 customers notified when we run a secret shopping day. This means you have VIP access along with 24 other customers to purchase our products at a highly discounted price for a limited time.” As an online business, chances are you will eventually get an overstock of something. What better way to sell these products than a fun rewarding activity for your customers?

If you haven’t made converting your customers into fans a priority, it’s time to re-strategize. Don’t let your competitors have the advantage of being more connected with your customer base. Treat your customers the way you want to be treated at a five-star resort — nothing but the best. This will turn customers into loyalists.

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