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Top 15 Mistakes in E-Commerce Websites


Feb 02, 2011

With such a heavy emphasis on shopping online by both businesses and consumers, it is increasingly important to refine your e-commerce website. The novelty of being able to shop online has worn off and your customers have become Internet savvy, sophisticated online consumers. They expect the best or they will leave your online store for a competitor in the time it takes for one mouse click. The e-commerce universe is wide and vast, and there is much to learn before diving in. In fact, business owners who do just that, delve in without a careful plan, often make major mistakes. Considering the sheer potential having an online store gives to your business, it quite literally pays to do it right. E-commerce places the global market at your fingertips. Throw in infinitely lower overhead costs and the chance to make profits any time of the day or night, and the e-commerce option is simply irresistible.
Don’t waste it by making the common mistakes listed below.

  • Lack of detailed product information
  • Inadequate site search engine
  • Long, confusing checkout process
  • Hiding your contact information
  • Poor product images
  • Requiring an account to order
  • Lack of payment options
  • Inefficient shopping cart design
  • Confusing Navigation/Catalog
  • Hidden Charges
  • Lack of product focus
  • Poor customer service options
  • Badly chosen products to sell online
  • Security ignorance
  • Uncertain marketing goals

As with many things on the Internet, less is more. The same applies for e-commerce. The focus of any e-commerce website should be on the products and services it sells. Anything else is a distraction from the goal of the website, which is to sell. If you are not displaying products with many, large pictures and detailed descriptions, then how will your customers be able to get a good look at what they want to buy? If your marketing efforts are complicated and far flung, then how are you supposed to make potential customers focus on what you want them to buy?

When it comes to e-commerce: Keep it efficient. Keep it obvious. Keep it simple.

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