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Three Steps to Start-Up Success


Jan 27, 2016

When Amit Bhaiya first thought about launching DotcomWeavers in 2007, he faced a variety of unexpected obstacles that could have kept him from pushing forward. 8 years later DotcomWeavers is thriving, Bhaiya is energized about the prospects of greater growth, and he is ready to share what he’s learned along the way—firsthand insight that might be exactly what you need to turn your business idea into reality.

Obstacle 1 – Negativity

The pure fact of the matter is that some people—no matter how awesome your idea is—will not be excited. These folks will list all the reasons you’re going to fail. They’ll try to convince you to stick with the more traditional path of earning income. They’ll find ways to quash your excitement.

“At these times, it’s important to consider the source,” Bhaiya advises. “Is it coming from a mentor who has already built several companies and wants to prepare you for the impending challenges? Or is it a risk-averse friend who is content with the 9-to-5 life? Understanding who is providing the advice—and why they’re saying what they’re saying—is important.”

On the bright side, no matter the opinion, you have a golden opportunity to hone your ability to defend (i.e. sell) your idea. “Negative feedback forces you to think about why you’re launching your business,” says Bhaiya. “It helps you gain clarity on the risks your taking…and the potential upside of pursuing the business.”

Obstacle 2 – Energy

Remember the people who said you’d be exhausted trying to launch your business? They were right. Starting a business is hard work. It requires both physical and mental stamina. You’ll work long hours often with seemingly nothing to show for it but bags under your eyes.

But here’s the really interesting thing—it’s a good exhaustion. “The people who tried to warn you about the long hours didn’t understand what it’s like to work on something you’re passionate about,” says Bhaiya. “Looking back, I recall the phrase, ‘Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life’. It was true for me then and it’s still true today. I was so tired when I was building DotcomWeavers, but there was never a time when I said ‘It’s not worth it’”. I went to bed excited about the day’s work, and then woke up energized to keep the process moving forward.”

Obstacle 3 – Patience
While the goal is to build a successful business, the “success” you’re looking for might not happen overnight. Even those who have achieved wild business and financial success (e. g. Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Michael Jordan and so on and so on), didn’t reach the pinnacle of success from day one. Each of them has a story of hard work, dedication, and patience.

Bhaiya likes to tell the story Jimmy Fallon. “Did you know that he did stand-up comedy at The Improv for less than $10 a set? I think the actual figure was $7.50 per set,” Bhaiya says. “I can guarantee you that not everyone in the audience laughed. Or that there were many people in the audience at all. Now, what would have happened if he gave up because success wasn’t immediate? He never would have gone to Saturday Night Live and certainly wouldn’t have been chosen as host of The Tonight Show. FYI, his Tonight Show debut was watched by 11.3 million viewers.”

As you think about your business and what it will take to achieve your definition of success, remember to set aside the negativity, buckle up for some long nights and days, and be patient as you wait for the customers to catch on to your vision.

If you’d like to speak with a professional about building and/or launching your eCommerce site, contact DotcomWeavers at [email protected] or 888.315.6518.

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