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The Sales EXPO or Digital EXPOsure


Jun 07, 2010

It is 2010.  In this current day and age it is important to find out which marketing methods are the trend  to follow and which ones maybe just as effective as downloading on a 56k modem.  So with the ever changing market place, today we ask the question which Business Development method works better?  In other words, will you get more business attending a sales expo or is digital the way to go and focus on internet exposure?

Now, it can easily be said that a good balance between the two is needed. However in comparing these two from personal experience, it has proven to be more effective to go digital.  Sales expos and conventions are great, the physical presence allows you to network in person and discuss your company face to face.  The attendees at the expo are the traffic so an extra crowded and busy expo will indeed quench your networking thirst.  What about an opposite scenario?  The expo was a bust and attendees were at a minimal, then you would find yourself waiting and possibly wasting valuable time on making the effort to expose your business, yet the market at the expo is nonexistent.  This I admit is very frustrating.

Now going digital and putting in the effort for internet exposure, there are many more benefits I can see as opposed to a sales expo.  First off, the internet gives you endless possibilities to generating traffic.  In a sales expo, you are doing the talking and explaining what your company is about over and over again.  With exposure online, especially for a web solutions company such as Dotcomweavers Inc, we let our actions and finished products do the talking.  A sales expo may only last a day or two at most then you plan for the next one.  You build your identity online and continuously put in the effort to move forward from there.  Please note that the word “continuously” is the key here.  Many make the mistake of getting online and not taking any further steps to improve the online presence.  So they are online but stagnant where you cannot be found nor are making the effort to be seen or heard.

Some benefits are the different channels the internet has to offer and newly created ideas are steadily developing online.  For instance there is having your own page and giving it everything it needs to wow the market and impressing potential clients.  Next is email marketing, if you can hand out a 10,000+ business cards in one expo day you would be ecstatic.  Email marketing is handing out that many business cards in a matter of minutes. Now the new and highly effective, Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many more not only have changed the way the world interacts, communicates and socialize, they have also transformed the way we market business.  Social Media is the perfect opportunity to expose oneself to active internet users.  Millions of people are active on Social Media sites for numerous reasons, therefore putting the right effort will get these millions of users to see you online and “Follow” or “Like” what you have to offer.  Isn’t it great?  The Social Media makes it official, that your online exposure can be solidified or made official by someone who could be  a satisfied client, or an interested client at the click of a mouse.  The best part is Social Media makes it easy for them to “share” or refer you to their online networks.  Now getting to a point where a satisfied customer decides to tell their contacts and networks something positive about your business is where you want to be in Social Media.  This is where your exposure is spreading at exponential levels.  Before you know it your traffic is growing, leads and inquiries are filling up your mailbox.

Let’s face it, the digital age is upon us.  Socializing and doing business is rapidly growing online, now business development and marketing has found its way to cyberspace.  The world of business is rapidly changing therefore keeping up is crucial.  Earlier I referenced the good old 56k modem, it got the job done 15 years ago but we now live in a world where broadband and fiber optics are lightning fast and the limits almost seem endless. The same thinking goes for the sales expo, it was effective back then only to an extent now.  Consider digital marketing and social media to be the new innovative method that gives you the opportunity to make your business shine in a high tech, fast paced world we live in.  This is the path I see Dotcomweavers Inc taking, so with that all said don’t forget to:

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