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The Power of “Contact Us” from a New York Web Design Company’s Perspective


Jul 18, 2012

The two most important words on your website?

The NJ-based web developers at Dotcomweavers and of course, other New York web design companies are proud that we get to play a role in the most exciting retail business development of the age — the explosion of e-commerce.  We get excited at such news reported by Comscore that U.S. online spending during the 2011 Holiday Season topped $35 Billion, up 15% versus the previous year.

The power of "Contact Us" from a New York web design company

But, as huge as that figure is, actual purchases made from online stores are perhaps only the tip of the iceberg as far as the influence of the Internet on the marketplace, because the web is more than a gigantic collection of online storefronts. It’s the most important force driving business to all kinds of enterprises, not just those that sell their wares on e-commerce sites.  And New York web design companies know that the simple web contact form is an absolutely vital component in that business model.

A modern way to “let your fingers do the walking”

Consider the now-outmoded  telephone directory, Yellow Pages. It used to be that if you were looking for a particular product or service here in New York or New Jersey – anything from an allergy specialist to a Caribbean vacation — and you didn’t know anybody local who could provide it, the first thing you’d do is “let your fingers do the walking” and look it up in the phone book, select a supplier from the one-line listing or short printed ads, and give them a call for more information. The Internet has now largely supplanted the print media for this purpose – and you would have to be truly clueless to build a website for your business without prominently including your phone number so anyone with an interest could call you.

A solution for the telephone-phobic

But there are a lot of phone-phobic people out there, maybe because so many of us grew tired over the years of receiving those annoying phone solicitations from telemarketers. Sure, we want info about a New York web design or New Jersey web design company with which we might want to do business, and to know where we can find their exact location here in New Jersey or in New York. Professional web developers usually suggest that you include not only a phone number but also a map to your premises and possibly an email address on your website as well. (Be careful about the latter, though, as there are unscrupulous spammers out there who may co-opt your email address for nefarious purposes. Be sure to consult a knowledgeable web developer for advice on that subject.)  What really appeals to people who need information but don’t want to engage personally until they know you better is an effective web contact form.

Your contact form as a gateway

Your contact form lets them initiate a conversation with you while maintaining a sense of control. But it’s also a kind of gateway through which they submit information about themselves to your company. Based on experience, our web designers advise keeping the contact form simple and non-threatening.  Don’t require users to fill in too much information, only the most important pieces of information that will help you understand their needs and allow you to respond to them meaningfully. This reduces the risks they might otherwise perceive:

  • If the form takes too long to fill in, they may consider it a waste of their time.
  • If you make too many fields required, they may resent the violation of their privacy.
  • If you don’t tell them on the contact page what kind of response they should expect (for example, a call back from you, an email, a packet of information in snail-mail) — and when you will reply — they may decide it’s not worth the bother.

Like all content that you want to make sure visitors will actually see on your site, your contact form shouldn’t exceed the length of your browser. Keeping the whole thing “above the fold” makes it a lot more inviting.

Finally, once those inquiries start coming in on your contact form, any New York web design company will quickly tell you that you better make it your immediate top priority to honor your implied promise by favoring these potential customers who have taken the time to initiate a “conversation” with a prompt and polite reply!

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