The Keys to Your Website


Nov 22, 2010

One aspect that makes a website highly effective is the content placed on it. As the owner, you want to put up information that is relevant and interesting to your visitors. Two issues are involved with that portion of the website and its planning: how you change the content and who has access to do it. They sound like very simple problems, but can turn out to cause huge headaches later on. Adding or changing content on your website should be an easy process, as it is one that will need to be performed often. Monitoring who has permission and access to change that content is equally important. If you are not controlling the content on your website, then you cannot be sure the right message is being broadcast. Control the pivotal elements of your website and you will have a better chance to guide your online presence towards what you want it to be.

If you have an eCommerce website, how are you currently managing your content? If you are still thinking about the website you want, how do you plan to manage the content? There are a number of ways to accomplish the task, depending on how you are having or had your website created. For those real risk takers that have a ton of time on their hands to build their own website, a free tool of some sort is probably being used to add, change or remove content. The problem with a free control management system (CMS) is that it is unlikely that it was customized or can be customized at all for you specific needs. A CMS is an application incorporated in your web design that directs who has access to make changes in content and how those changes are made. There cannot be enough emphasis on having one custom made for your website. Most people should be aware of the fact that to maintain a successful website now takes constant updates of information. If you are not making changes to your website everyday, then it should at least be every other day. That means the method for changing that information needs to be streamlined, making it as fast and simple as possible.

The other important factor to consider is who has access to your CMS? Your content is your website and not just anyone should be able to change it, especially without your permission. First of all, free hosting and CMS tools are unreliable. Servers crash and free tools are often hard to use and not precise. Using third party hosting for your content is doable, but again, your content is not directly under your control. To add something immediately, you do not want the worries of going through a third party. The best and most reliable method is to have a web design and development team create a customized CMS that can be installed on your server. Through this method, you can enjoy instant access to all of your content, without the worries of someone else being able to manipulate it. If there is ever a problem, the experts are a phone call away to fix it. Plus, with the customizations, the day-to-day task of changing content will be cut down to minor chore, rather than the huge time sink it is now.

Get professional help to make sure the keys to your website remain under your control.

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