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The Intricacies of Online Branding


Jan 01, 2011

These days, a good business idea is not the only component for finding success online. To maximize profits and create a lasting reputation that attracts current and new customers over and over again, your business must have a recognizable brand.  With millions of web sites and businesses out there, it’s hard to stand out. Your prospects are constantly bombarded with advertising messages from your competitors. By creating a brand for your business and its products or services, you give people a way and a reason to pick you out from the crowd.

The entire point of branding is to simplify the customer’s decision – when they think of the product you offer, they should think of you. The fear for most small business owners is that creating this online brand name will be a costly venture.  Nothing could be further from the truth. A proper web marketing strategy should take into account the budget concerns of the business. It should not be difficult to find a team of professional designers and web marketers to help you create a unique and lasting brand online.

Set yourself apart by having better quality, price, service, integrity, reputation or a combination of different factors. You can also set yourself apart from the others by being remarkable. Of course, this is exactly what your competitors are trying to do. Take the next step and announce your business in the online marketplace as a professional establishment by incorporating the following into your branding strategy:

  • Logo Design: Get professional designers to create a logo for your business. It should be included in all your marketing efforts. When people see the logo, they should think of your business right away.
  • Motto/Mantra: Something short, catchy and to the point is what you need to describe your businesses products, services or advantage over its competitors.
  • Ideal Customer Base:  Know your ideal customer and gear all your marketing and advertising efforts towards them.
  • Social Media Presence: Show customers that you are active in the communities you share with them. Get social verification for your business by having a strong presence in social media.

These aspects are some of the more important ones when formulating a branding strategy.  Keep in mind that it is about creating an image that appeals to your ideal customer and then maintaining that image.  There must be consistency in everything about the business. If you can manage that, then customers will come to rely on your online business for the product or service it offers. When they think of your business, instead of the product or service it offers, then your branding strategy is working.

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