The Impact of Mobile Devices on Web Design


Jan 27, 2011

That’s right, mobile devices are on the rise and their wide spread popularity is affecting the way businesses design their websites. Let’s face it, this is a phenomenon that cannot be stopped. Mobile Internet devices and smart phones are taking over how people live their lives in certain areas (the U.S, Japan, and Europe for starters). The gadgets let you access the Internet and thus, any information you could need, from anywhere. Plus, they only get cheaper as time rolls by. Of course they were bound to increase in popularity over the years. Who wouldn’t want to make use of such a valuable, convenient device? It just makes sense that web design is changing to become more accustomed to use on touch screens, smart phones and netbooks.
With that in mind, it’s time that you talked to your web design professional to find out how they are preparing your website for the emerging mobile market. It’s serious business out there for the company that is prepared for its mobile customers. Two years ago, smart phone subscribers made up about 10 percent of mobile phone carriers in the US. Now, that number is up to 26 percent. For those of you a bit slow on the math, that means 1 in 4 mobile phone subscribers are using smart phones. What does that mean for your website? It probably means that a quarter of your potential customers cannot properly access your company’s website through their mobile device. That is bad.

Obviously, the web design for mobile devices brings some unique situations and challenges into play, but if you work with a highly skilled team of web design professionals, then they should be able to tell you just what kind of changes you need. In case you don’t have a team like the experts at DCW working with you, then the following list should help a lot.

Mobile Web Design Trends and Tips for 2011:

  • Simplicity is key. Keep the options available simple and easy to access.
  • Remember to have white space. It’s hard to pull information from a website that is all jumbled. It’s even harder if you are trying to do it on your phone.
  • Scale down images and their use. It’s hard to see any image on the small screen of your mobile Internet device, so keep them few and far between.
  • Consider a mobile domain. Create a new domain or subdomain that mobile devices get redirected towards. Then you can have your web design program a website specifically for mobile use.
  • Prioritize your web content. A mobile user is most likely browsing for very specific information, so make sure the information you want them to know is easy for them to see and find on their mobile device.


Look into these aspects and make the changes necessary to make sure the web design for your online business isn’t discouraging a fourth of your customers.

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