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In order to succeed, the right eCommerce combination of elements is needed. Let’s take a small business and see what combination fits. It is already known that a quality website is a necessity for a business today. However, the days of standard and boring business websites are long gone. Keep in mind, our rapidly changing world dictates our society’s developing eCommerce culture. Here’s why: Internet technology has surely advanced and continues to do so. Internet users hunger for creative and innovative sites. They automatically gravitate to the websites with the attractive design, graphics and advanced features. The NJ web design and development team at Dotcomweavers makes it all possible, here’s how we do it.

With eCommerce and the Internet going hand in hand, the right combination of tools and talent are essential for any small business. Miva Merchant, a leading supplier of software and services, provides outstanding tools for the online selling environment. Their development accomplishments have taken eCommerce to new levels. Before, having a shopping cart/online store put limitations on what we can be done from the design and functionality aspect. Miva Merchant 5.5 has opened the doors for more design implementations and control of our website. This is what it can do for your website.

  • Develop a thriving online store that is flexible and easy to use.
  • Complete store design control with new Store Morph Technology
  • Shopping cart, advanced catalog, customer and order management systems
  • Integrated credit card processing and shipping calculation
  • An expansive list of add-on modules and services

Now we take the Miva Merchant element and couple it with our very own experience, talents and execution at Dotcomweavers. We have a winning formula. We believe in working with your business and producing the highest quality website that will target and attract the customers to your door or in this case your website’s shopping cart and checkout page. For your viewing pleasure, we’ll let some of our work show our eCommerce combination at Dotcomweavers.

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