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The Art of Contact Forms


Mar 10, 2011

Getting just the right layout for a contact form is crucial. When people arrive at your ‘Contact Us’ page or your ‘Submit’ page or even your ‘Free Quote’ page, it is essential that they feel comfortable filling out the fields.  There are a number of design tips that web designers live and die by, in order to make this happen. However, first things first: you need to select the basis of your layout.

Contact Us

HTML Contact Form

It’s simple, to the point and easy to change. A contact form based in HTML is the usual way to go for more websites that work off of lead generation. There are a number of aspects that can be tweaked, so the form fits just right on your website.  If you are not an experienced programmer,  it is definitely the way to go.

 Ajax/PhP Contact Form

It is time to get fancy! Forms based in Ajax and PhP can make use of all kinds of intelligent features. Depending on what you are after, its able to add some really great, stylish features to the form on your webpage. A couple of those features include:

  • Form Validation using FormCheck2.
  • Spam Check.
  • Display user IP, user agent and referrer in the message.
  • Display a dialog box when message is sent successfully.
  • Inputs and Text areas are styled with NiceForms.
  • Works in the most recent browsers.


CSS/PhP Contact Form

If you are looking to make a contact form and you need a bit more security from spammers, this is the way to go. CSS/PhP based contact forms offer the same simplistic appeal as HTML forms.  However, there are more control features available. Change the borders, the fields, the colors and also change the validation code, field input requisites, and more. Avoid getting fake or useless information on your forms by going with a CSS/PhP base.



Flash/PhP Contact Form

Contact UsIf you are looking to have a contact form that has a lot of ‘Pop’ to it, then maybe you should consider having it created using Flash and PhP. Using this method makes a much easier task out of matching the contact form to your website or blog theme. You can create dazzling effects to go along with a simplistic design.  Really get visitors to look and want to fill out that form. Whereas the other basis for contact forms are easy to manipulate, the Flash based form is 100% customizable. The look and feel of it is entirely up to you.

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