How Texting is the new marketing tool for retailers

How Texting is the new marketing tool for retailers

Texting is the new marketing tool for retailers.

With this holiday season in full swing, it appears that the way retailers use mobile devices will be incredibly different to the methods previously used in 2012. Whilst 2012 was the year of flash sales and daily deals only 5% of retailers will stay faithful to this method. Retailers have been slow to use ecommerce as an advantage but using texting to communicate discounts is an effective idea.

Mobile shopping has increased in popularity in recent years but the shift for retailers can be felt as they move towards text messaging and mobile coupons. BDO USA suggests this is the main method for companies in 2013. It is apparent that aside from flash sales and daily deals all other mobile marketing channels with became more popular. The limited time offers of last year apparently did not perform well as evident in this swift change of marketing.


With the widespread popularity of smart phones in recent years, these devices have become the main source of getting coupons and discounts to consumers effectively. Data from Placed state this was the most common way customers shopped on Black Friday, with half of all the smart phone users shopping like this in October.

Research from Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend showed that the major source of web traffic connected to retailers came from mobiles devices. A large portion of Christmas commerce has been conducted via mobile. At the end of the holiday season eMarketer expects overall ecommerce sales to reach $61.8 billion. This will be the combined total for November and December, up as whopping 15.1% from 2012. This percentage increase can be seen across the board in all facets of ecommerce revenue.


As ecommerce is the way in which consumers shop; the difference in accessing coupons or discounts on mobile devices is a way to still encourage customers in store. Texting is the quickest and easiest way for consumers to receive the information the company needs to provide. Flash sales can be effective but unfortunately consumers are finding it more convenient to shop within their own time. With technology moving as such a rapid pace, retailers can find difficult trying to keep marketing in line with how fast it moves. However a brand can use both ecommerce and in-store promotions collectively will be the most effective step in moving forward.

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