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Text Message vs. Email Marketing: Which is More Effective?


Oct 11, 2016

Text Message (SMS) and Email marketing are both affordable solutions for businesses that want to reach a large audience on a budget. They provide quick and easy options for brands to send exclusive deals, information and offers to current and potential customers.

Though Email marketing has been around for more than two decades, and Text Message marketing is a relatively new tactic, they each have their own strengths and particular niche in the marketing world.
In this article we will compare Text Message and Email marketing in order to help you understand which method is most beneficial for your business.

How do Text Message and Email marketing measure up?

According to some surveys 90% of all emails received are considered spam, whereas only 1% of text messages fall into that category. Combine this with the fact that the average open, or click through rate (CTR), of read emails was found to be approximately 22% versus that of 98% for text messages, and you can see a clear advantage in favor of Text Message marketing.

Another significant factor to consider is that just 34% of people use their mobile phones for email, while 72% use them for text messaging. This means that more than twice as many people are likely to interact with your Text Message marketing endeavors.

Once you reach customers with your content, what ultimately matters for ROI is how many of them are effectively engaged. This includes how many people reply to the message, make a purchase through it, sign up/register with it, or share it. This is where Text Message marketing wins again: SMSs are most often read soon after they are received (their alerts constantly appear in our mobile phones), while emails, if not read, may stagnate in the inbox.

4 Key Reason to Use Text Message Marketing

1. It’s Engaging:
Research proves that the majority of text messages are viewed within minutes of delivery. This phenomenon gives businesses an edge by almost guaranteeing that their sent messages will be read.

2. It’s Interactive: Making your text interactive, adding a link to a fun video, or asking for a response through a form, questionnaire or poll, are all engaging ways to encourage readers to explore the brand in depth.

3. It’s Quick on 2 Levels:
a. For businesses, it only takes a few minutes to craft a text message, while designing an email can often be a time-consuming task.
b. For recipients, text messages are brief, direct and easy to engage with, which means they are more likely to interact with them.

4. It’s Cheap: Even though prices vary, sending bulk text messages is very affordable, especially when the high CTR is considered.

The Bottom Line
Text Message marketing is, in most instances, superior to email for the purpose of engaging potential customers. We’re not saying that Email marketing doesn’t work – it just needs to be used in very specific instances.

Armed with this information, we encourage you to see what Text Message marketing can do for you. On your next promotion or information update, send a SMS to 100 customers, and an email to another 100, and see which gives you the highest return for your efforts!

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