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Tate’s Bake Shop Expands Online


Dec 07, 2010

Few businesses have the ability to become instantly endeared to the community around them like a first class bake shop. Let’s face it, such a place gets all the love deserving of a place that produces fantastic food creations, without any of the dieting guilt. Everyone enjoys the fresh bounty from their neighborhood bake shop. Of course, with our schedules today, who has time to stop in and see what new masterpieces from the baked goods world are available? That’s why places like Tate’s Bake Shop took their business online. The response was overwhelming and the owner only encountered one problem: the e-Commerce of the company website was not powerful enough to meet the needs of customers. They were popular, but they were also losing a lot of business. With the help of Dotcomweavers, the bakery is now a leading example in it’s industry for order processing, handling and convenience.

When we first evaluated the current e-Commerce system Tate’s Bake Shop was running, we found it was a classic ASP with only basic store management features in place. In other words, it lacked any kind of options on the customer end and accessing those transactions for processing and shipping was anything but convenient. They were looking for a far more robust and scalable platform for their website which would serve their customers as well as make life easier for their employees in processing orders. Our Miva Merchant programming team went to work right away with this goal in mind. After a complete overhaul, their e-Commerce system is now setup on a Miva platform, with all their existing customers and product information imported to the new store. The platform allowed us to give them several new functions for their online store, to the benefit of customers and employees.

It’s all about giving the customers options and providing seamless versatility, giving your customer base choices in their shopping they didn’t even know they needed. Now the customers of Tate’s Bake Shop can keep their own Address book with the online store when they sign in, allowing them to store multiple shipping addresses. Now, each item in any order can now be shipped to a different location, along with individual gift messages. Customers are free to enjoy unlimited customization to each purchase, without having to go through the checkout process more than once, regardless of the size of their order. They can even control when each item in their order ships, by assigning future shipping dates for each. The process could not be easier or more convenient for their customers now.

On the administration end, apart from the standard Miva features, we customized a special area to use features even Miva Merchant does not directly support. Unique reporting options, as well as, packing lists and UPS batch processing exports were included in the new administration area. Not only did Dotcomweavers make it easier to handle the back-end of order processing, it also gave Tate’s Bake Shop the ability to place orders on behalf of their customers and much more. Their online store has the built in features that eliminate the difficulty of increasing their product base, allowing them unlimited control over the scale of their website.

This is why seeking the help of a true team of experts is so vital for any online business. Only professional e-Commerce developers have the combined talent, skill and resources to provide original and innovative online business solutions for your company. It’s all about bringing your business into harmony with the latest in technology to produce the greatest results.

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